Making my wardrobe work harder: the culotte jumpsuit

culotte jumpsuit

Here we go then; I’m making good on my promise from this post where I had a bit of a whinge about how much it costs to keep up with fashion, and starting a whole Making My Wardrobe Work Harder series (the first one is here if you fancy checking it out). I’m not going to have a schedule for these – as per usual I’m going with the flow, but I’m hoping to do one every month or so. We’ll see how we get on.

As I’m trying to make this a thing, here are the rules; 1) I must choose an existing item from my wardrobe and style it in four different ways and 2) I’m not allowed to buy anything to wear it with specifically for the post, each outfit must be put together using things I already own (although they can be recent purchases). Those are the only rules because I don’t want to pen myself in too much, but the aim is to get myself thinking about reusing and rewearing things more.

Today is the turn of this black culotte jumpsuit from Primark, which I stumbled upon for £5 in their sale in January. I don’t know if ‘things I picked up for ridiculously low prices’ is going to become a theme here but we’ll see. Anyway, I love this thing, not only for the way it looks but also because it is so comfortable. I know that this is the kind of piece some people shy away from – but in my mind it’s incredibly versatile, so I was excited to come up with multiple uses for it. Here are my outfits:

A Day in the Office

Styling a culotte jumpsuitLayering culotte jumpsuitWays to style a culotte jumpsuitTop – H&M | Bag – H&M | Shoes – Primark | Sunnies – Primark | Earrings – M&S

A culotte jumpsuit might not be the first thing you think of as workwear, but it actually works really well for the office, particularly with a shirt or top in a semi-formal fabric underneath. This combo also gave me a chance to wear a cream H&M chiffon top which I very cleverly put in the wash with dark stuff and now has big patches all over it – but the jumpsuit covers that up so it’s fine and now I feel vindicated in not throwing it away. For accessories I went for blush pink mid heels and my absolute favourite work bag to complete the outfit and make me work-ready – and I think at the end of the day I could even take the top off and be ready for some after-work drinks in the sun.

How to style a culotte jumpsuitWork handbag

Summer Lovin’

How to wear a culotte jumpsuitWays to wear a culotte jumpsuitHat – Primark | Denim jacket – Topshop | Sandals – New Look | Necklace – Accessorize

I love a jumpsuit for the summer, and culotte style legs are ideal for warmer weather because of the loose fit – no one wants anything tight against their legs if it’s hot do they? I’ve never been sure about these white sandals, but I’ve seen a lot with the espadrille style soles at the moment so thought I’d dig them out again; plus I think they work with this straw hat from Primark (which is a recent purchase and is just £3). I know I look dead weird wearing this ensemble in front of a red brick wall next to my flat…but could definitely see myself popping it on for a sunny summer stroll.

How to style a culotte jumpsuit

Casual layering

Ways to wear a culotte jumpsuitCasual styling jumpsuitTee – H&M | Trainers – Converse | Necklace – H&M | Sunnies – Primark

One of my favourite things about this jumpsuit is that it is great for layering – with tees, with shirts…I’ve even layered a jumper underneath and worn it with ankle boots in the winter. For a casual, mooching-around-on-a-Sunday-doing-the-food-shop-and-maybe-popping-into-Outfit-for-a-browse look (you know the one, I’m sure), I popped a striped tee underneath and my oldest, most beaten up trainers on my feet. If anything says ‘oh this is my casual look’, it’s converse, right?

Going Glam

how to style a culotte jumpsuitstyling a culotte jumpsuitEarrings – H&M | Shoes – Primark | Bag – New Look

And finally, it’s time for a more dressed up approach. When you’re required to look dressy but don’t fancy a dress, a jumpsuit is a godsend – and with all the layering stripped away I think it’s perfect for a night out. To make it evening-ready I had to go with my super cute cat clutch because it might be the best thing I own, and these gold strappy sandals and black and gold tasselled earrings made me feel super glam. Now I’m just looking for an excuse to wear this outfit, because putting it on to spend 10 minutes taking photos didn’t really cut it…so if anyone has any fab parties they want to invite me to then help a gal out and send the invites through!

ways to wear a culotte jumpsuit

Which look is your favourite? And also – if anyone fancies it, I’d love to see another blogger give this a go (little blog post idea for you there if you’re suffering from a creative block)! If you see me wearing anything over on Instagram that you want to challenge me to use for one of these, give me a shout.

cat clutch bag

Photos: Rob Poor

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46 thoughts on “Making my wardrobe work harder: the culotte jumpsuit”

  1. Firstly .. OMG PLEASE tell me that cat clutch was a recent purchase?!! I feel like I need it (and also really want to get my sisters one each for Christmas .. can you tell we’re crazy cat ladies?!)

    I love this post, it’s made me realise how much I need to go through my wardrobe and start utilising everything in my wardrobe. I need a huge clear out and a good dig around, I bet I discover all sorts!

    You’ve got so many looks here and they each look great! My favourite is the little striped tshirt underneath!


    1. Eeeeeek…it’s from last year 😦 sorry! I have seen a couple of other cat clutches since then though so I’m sure there will be something similar about!

      That’s exactly the realisation I’m having at the moment too – I have so much stuff, and dont use it effectively at all. I bet if you have a clear out you’ll rediscover some absolute gems…also it feels a bit like getting free stuff even though it’s already yours haha xxx


  2. This is so adorable!! I love the Glam version, I’d totally wear that style for a date night or a girls night out. And that little clutch …. so precious 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Kendall – it really is, I often find myself thinking I have nothing to wear but just need to start using them in different ways! xx


  3. Really loving how you’re taken this look and styled it in four different ways – so impressive! The office styling is my fave, though the glam version is gorgeous too!!


  4. So glad I just found your blog, it’s incredible!! I just bought a black culotte jumpsuit and was thinking about how to style it so this post is perfect! Already excited to read more xxx


    1. Ahhh I’m just catching up on comments and THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is one of my favourite comments I’ve ever received 🙂 Looove a culotte jumpsuit xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I never could have thought of getting such different looks out of a jumpsuit. I love the going glam version. Looks very simple and classy.

    Corinne x


  6. I love this, I’m very conscious now of buying pieces that can work for a number of situations (essential on a student budget). You have really rocked this jumpsuit!! 🙂


  7. I love this series\challenge!!! I’ve got a capsule wardrobe and absolutely LOVE the idea of combining different pieces, without spending money on new clothes every week!!
    PS You look stunning x

    Caterina |


    1. Thank you so much Caterina – yes, thats exactly what I’m trying to do 🙂 I’ve never managed a capsule wardrobe, that’s very cool! xxx


  8. Eeeee your cute lil cat clutch! Love that! It’s incredible how completely different you have made this jumpsuit look – it proves that it really is so versatile. Also it’s just such a winner – it looks great styled any way, it looks super comfortable and it was only £5!!? I think I need to go shopping with you if you can find bargains like that.
    Amy xx


    1. £5!!! I’m down with that – let’s go shopping! (and totally do pride myself on my ability to find the bargains haha). Thanks you gorge thing xxx


  9. You’ve got it nailed down!

    The work day and evening variations are my favourite combinations, but I think that shows just how limited my thinking about my daily clothing I am, that I go for the safest choices. I had to take a closer, detailed look at every scenario, and I do like summer get up as well.

    As you say, make your wardrobe work harder!


    1. High five to that! Really trying to make the most of all my clothes at the moment. Thanks for reading 🙂 xxx


    1. Thanks you bloody lovely thing! The cat clutch is my little fave, no way am I saying no to a bag shaped like an animal 😂 Xxx


  10. I adore how versatile this jumpsuit is. I’m a big fan of layering over plain white tees, and those two pair so well together. Also insanely in love with that kitty clutch x

    Rachel |


    1. Yesss me too – love layering over white tees! The clutch is one of my faves 🙊 Thanks for reading lovely one xxx


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