The cost of keeping up with fashion (and fashion blogging)

Trench coat outfit

Earlier this week I went for a little lunchtime browse in Topshop. I was looking for something in particular and didn’t find what I wanted, but I did see a LOT of other things that I’d like to buy; and it’s the dumbest, most shallow first world problem ever I know, but it was so many things that it was actually quite overwhelming.

Since starting to blog, shopping and searching for outfit inspiration has somehow become a bit stressful. Some of my favourite content on other blogs is fashion content, it’s one of my biggest interests and naturally that makes me want to talk about style too – but how can I possibly keep up with the never-ending list of fashion must-haves that changes from one day to the next on the average twenty-something salary?

Lace up tee and trench coatTrench coat and white tee outfitTee – New Look | Skirt – Primark | Trench coat – Marks & Spencer | Trainers – Converse | Fishnet Socks – New Look | Lipstick – Younique

It’s not that blogging about fashion makes me feel like I have to spend a lot of money on new clothes to write anything good, because I’ve enjoyed reading plenty of blog posts in the past where the blogger is wearing affordable pieces or old favourites. It’s an age-old problem with me – I’m sure my colleagues will attest to the number of times I’ve come back from lunch laden with shopping bags – and my want to have all the shoes and try all the trends. Based on the amount of clothes many of us have these days it seems to be a common thing. That’s the in crazy consumerist world we live in, I guess? And trying to blog alongside that, particularly with the social media element that goes with it, just amplifies and highlights it further.

I know what you are going to say – you don’t need to buy expensive things to be fashionable, you can buy dupes, you can shop on the high street, you can rewear things, money can’t buy style etc. I agree with all of those, I really do. But there’s no denying that having more than a few pounds left at the end of the month (once you’ve paid for rent, bills, food, car, and any other outgoings) makes it a lot easier to appear to be some kind of style icon than if you’re struggling to afford one £20 pair of New Look shoes or £30 Zara top each time you get paid.

Trench coat and lace up teeTrench coat and denim skirtDenim skirt and converse

So, what can I do about it? Well, not manage to save any money for the important things in life if what’s happened so far is anything to go by, but that’s not much good.

I’m going to rewear the crap out of the things I buy, something I struggle to do sometimes. I don’t want to properly go into the old rewearing debate because I don’t really have anything new to add; rewearing stuff is great, it’s realistic, it’s absolutely what people should be and are doing. In fact one of my most popular posts so far has been Making my wardrobe work harder; I’ve decided to make this into a bit of a series and see how I can make the most of more items in my wardrobe, so that’ll be my contribution to the rewearing discussion!

I’m also going to make sure that when I’m drawn to something neutral and versatile that will work with loads of things, it comes home with me! That may sound counter-intuitive to attempting not to bankrupt myself by buying all the clothes but when I can create completely different looks with the same item, that’s when I’m interested. That’s why I’m so pleased with this New Look top – the white means it’ll go with so much but the corset lace up elevates it from being a basic white tee. Expect to see this in lots of photos, hashtag sorry not sorry.

Which brings me on to this – I’m going to accept that I just don’t have the means to post a perfect new outfit on Instagram every day and not worry about whether there’s a problem with that. There isn’t, and it doesn’t mean that I’m a fashion failure. I’m also going to remember that many of the bloggers I might see on Instagram ticking off a new trend on a daily basis, have been doing this a long time and have a LOT of followers – so there’s a good chance that a percentage of what they’re wearing and certainly the items they are featuring have been gifted. This might also be their full time job, so influencing the sale of pieces that are available to buy now could very well be paying their bills. Comparison is the thief of joy and all that – now if only I could somehow stop wanting everything in Topshop…

Lace up tshirt and trench coatWhite lace up tshirtLace up tshirt outfitLace up corset tshirt

Photos: Rob Poor

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28 thoughts on “The cost of keeping up with fashion (and fashion blogging)”

  1. I think you are doing fabulously!
    But I completely feel you. I spend so much of my week thrifting and keeping an eye on my budget. I went over this week by $40 – which isn’t great. But definitely need to adopt the same mind frame you are going for here. Get my wardrobe to work harder. Thanks for sharing lovely. ❤️


    1. Thank you so much! I think I need to do what you are doing and actually have a budget in mind, that would be a good start (although I imagine it would be easy to go over anyway)! Thanks for reading and commenting ☺️ xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeees I totally get the struggle. I absolutely think that investing in beaut pieces and wearing ’em aaaaall the time is so worth it. There are some dresses I wear still from yeeears ago that I still adore, I think it’s always timeless bits that I like the most. Looking lovely lass 🙂 Immy x


    1. Yesss, you are so right gal! I need to do this more, and that probably starts with investing in the right things, that are timeless, and that I feel fab in. Thanks you absolute babe xxx


  3. For a new blogger, you write a hell of a lot of really interesting thought-provoking stuff. I’m absolutely loving your blog right now. Also I totally identify with the feeling of not having a constantly updated so hot right now wardrobe to draw on for fashion posts, but I actually prefer bloggers who are more normal in that respect. It’s much more inspiring to see stuff that ‘normal’ people wear (some of the stuff high profile bloggers go out in might get me some stares in the office) and how to reuse pieces in multiple outfits. I personally find it much more interesting to see what people do with a limited budget – anyone can look great with endless spending.
    What I wore this week | Fashion, Feminism, Mirror Selfies


    1. What a bloody delightful comment, thanks so much! You have caused me to do the dorkiest grin because I LOVE your writing. So pleased to hear that too – and you’re right, some of the things high profile bloggers wear are amazing but wouldn’t work for my 9-5 office job (plus they would almost never be weather-appropriate since it seems to be raining all the time at the moment…) so it is more useful to me to see more ‘normal’, inexpensive outfits. Thanks for reading Maddie x


  4. Ha, I feel your pain! Blogging definitely has it’s set backs in that sense – for me it’s all the inspiration I get seeing other people’s outfits that makes me want to spend spend spend! Some of my favourite style blogs though are those that are more realistic rather than ‘aspirational’, ones that give me ideas on reworking pieces, inspiration on how to style pieces I already have and girls I can actually relate to. Don’t let the pressure to be perfect get to you, there will still be plenty of people who appreciate your more achievable looks! I for one know I can never live up to those perfect Instagram girls with a new designer handbag every day, so most of my outfit posts feature things I’ve owned for years – I’m just too much of a skinflint in my old age! x


    1. Hahaha, love this comment (high five for being a skinflint, I totally am!) – I completely get what you mean about other people’s outfits making you want to spend! Thanks for such a lovely comment, you are right – inspiration is great, but inspiration you can relate to is even better 🙂 xxx


    1. Pahaha YES that is exactly my thought process right there; ‘this is such a good dress for instagram’ and I feel so ridiculous for having such a weird thought! Thanks so much you babe xxx


    1. Glad others also understand the feeling – and totally agree with not just buying alllllll the stuff for the sake of it, it seems so wasteful and is something I really need to limit myself with. Thanks for reading gal ☺️ xxx


  5. Oooh I do love that top! Love the fishnets and converse combo too! I totally feel you on this – sometimes I feel more justified buying the tenth pair of shoes I don’t need because I know I’ll blog about them haha! I actually totally don’t mind posting an outfit where none of it’s new and I have been trying to re-wear things more – someone actually told me to stop apologising for always wearing my embroidered jeans in posts because she found it refreshing that I actually rewore clothes haha! Also I LOVE the idea of a making your wardrobe work harder series!
    Amy xx


    1. YES I know exactly what you mean about feeling better buying things because you know you’ll blog about them – this blog has become a massive enabler for me! Completely agree with the person who said that about the jeans as well – I love to see people really making the most of the items they have especially when they’re so fab (you know how I feel about those jeans haha) xxx


  6. Hi Sophie – I found your blog! Finally catching up on some blog reading.
    Great outfit!
    SO, when you say you don’t like rewearing / don’t do it much… do you mean you literally wear things just a handful of times?
    I’m a big rewearer, and then have phases of buying a few new things, but I’m not a regualar shopper…
    Lovely blog! xx


    1. Yay! Happy to have you here 🙂
      It’s awful but I definitely do have quite a few things I’ve worn just a handful of times or even once. They dont tend to be coats/shoes/jeans which I am more likely to make a point of wearing more often but tops/dresses/skirts I am awful for buying, wearing and then ignoring forever. It’s a terrible habit, a massive waste of money and a pattern I really need to stop – you’ve got it right so I need to take a leaf out of your book!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting gal xxx


  7. I have a similar post to this in my drafts at the moment and I’m so glad I’m not alone in feeling this way. I used to do fashion blogging but I gave it up. I really thought I’d miss it but infact, I enjoy shopping so much more now without the added pressure. Just discovered your blog btw and I absolutely love it 🙂

    Amy |


    1. I somehow only just saw this comment but I’m so happy I did 🙂 You’re right, there is added pressure while shopping when you’re blogging about fashion, which is really frustrating and totally not the point when you’re meant to be blogging about something you love anyway. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Amy! xxx


  8. Never read a post so relevant to my life right now! One of my pledges to save money is to not spend more than £15 on a trend item as I know it’s not going to last season to season – but like you’ve said, I’ll happily invest in something that I know I’ll get the wear out of! I just need to work on limiting the amount of trend pieces I buy 😂❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No more than £15 on a trend item is such a great idea as a general rule to stick to, I might start doing something similar! Totally know what you mean though, it can be tempting to buy them all and then you end up spending loads even if each individual item is fairly cheap haha xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I can relate and understand your pain but all you can be is yourself and authentic and real which is what you’ve shown here and I love it!
    To be honest I love to read fashion posts where bloggers show how to wear their items many times. It’s my top favorites! xx


    1. Thanks lovely – and yes, you’re spot on, all anyone can do is just be real 🙂 I agree with you there too, I love posts about styling the same thing in many different ways! xxx


  10. Obsessed with this tee! Totally agree with your post, being ‘trendy and ‘in season’ can really add up! Love how you have stayed true with how you feel and what we are all too afraid to say! xx


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