Vintage mom jeans and cable knit cardigan

A week in (unsuccessful) work outfits: WFH edition

This was supposed to be just another one of my week in work outfits posts, the twist being that I’m working from home right now, which given the current situation is not really a twist at all.   I’ll tell you what happened: I really wanted to get dressed a bit more *properly* after my first full WFH week saw me in… Continue reading A week in (unsuccessful) work outfits: WFH edition


Twenty Twenty: a look ahead

Well, THIS has come around a little sooner than I anticipated. One moment I was eating sausage rolls for breakfast, downing quince gin liquer (found myself with three bottles of the stuff, don’t ask) and indiscriminately scoffing chocolates at any time of day or night, and the next I was awoken at 6am by a cuckoo (that’s… Continue reading Twenty Twenty: a look ahead

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Three things that have happened since I stopped shopping

There are three weeks left of my three month ban on buying new clothes, shoes and accessories. You can read about Slow Fashion Season and why I decided to do it here, and I will be doing a more comprehensive post about what I’ve learnt and how I move forward when it’s officially over. For… Continue reading Three things that have happened since I stopped shopping


I’ve pledged to buy nothing new for three months and this is why

It feels impossible to believe (and really quite embarrassing to admit) now, but as recently as a year ago the environmental impact of our collective fast fashion habit hadn’t even crossed my mind. I picked up new things regularly and with little thought; a lunchtime Primark trip here, a ‘pop in’ to H&M on the… Continue reading I’ve pledged to buy nothing new for three months and this is why


A mid month catch up: May

Great news, everyone: I’m yet to get a parking ticket or a passive aggressive note from my neighbours this month! That won’t make any sense unless you read my April edition of this post, which feels simultaneously very recently and a lifetime ago. I’m always quite fascinated by the different rates at which time feels… Continue reading A mid month catch up: May


Perfectionism and me: an update

I’ve written twice specifically about perfectionism before, referenced it many more times, had it creep into multiple blog posts in various other guises, and failed to write anything at all on account of it more than I can count, so I guess you could say it’s something of a defining feature of mine. For a while,… Continue reading Perfectionism and me: an update