Sophie. 26. Norwich. Fan of midi skirts, peanut butter, exploring new places and scoffing my face.

You’ve found your way to Sophar So Good – hi, I’m so pleased to have you here! I’ve been a blog reader for a lot of years now, have always loved writing, and more recently have enjoyed taking photos, so I’ve decided to take the (long-awaited) plunge and try out the whole blogging thing.

I’ll be using this blog to share words and photos about things I love, mull over my thoughts, and record memories. It’s essentially a place for me to write down the sort of drivel I like to talk about, like what I just bought from the New Look sale or what I ate for dinner at the weekend. That way I don’t have to inflict it upon my poor friends, colleagues, or boyfriend.

I’m not going to be trying to ‘inspire’ anyone, neither am I any kind of expert on anything, so I don’t have any particular knowledge to share – they’re laudable aims but not my jam. However, if you’re as nosy about other people as I am, you just might like it here. Expect posts on the standard ‘blogger’ topics – outfits, food, travel, lifestyle and the like (cliché alert)…plus a bit of trying to make sense of life as a twenty something.

(p.s – I’m an avo on toast lover and I’m not afraid to Instagram it. Again with the cliché thing. Sorry in advance.)