A December weekend in Prague | Travel Diary

Affordable, beautiful and steeped in history, Prague felt like the kind of place whose mention was always met with ‘we went there one Christmas’ or ‘oh, I LOVE Prague’ – the kind of place that everyone has already been. ‘Everyone’, of course, didn’t include me, so it’s been somewhere on my travel wishlist for a… Continue reading A December weekend in Prague | Travel Diary


A year in review: 2018

If I had to describe 2018 in a word, I’d probably have to say: laborious. A close second would be: good. I know that’s a strange combination. Sorry, I should have introduced this better: welcome to another self indulgent missive by me, Sophie-Anne Urry, introspection enthusiast and unreliable blogger, here to reflect on the year… Continue reading A year in review: 2018

Midi dress and red boots on Oxford Street in December
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A mid-month catch up: December

Forgive me this predictable introduction, please, but I have to say it: how are we so close to Christmas already? There’s barely a week of this year that didn’t feel like it happened extremely quickly, and certainly the past few weeks seem to have mystically disappeared. Now it’s 19th December, and I’m pushing it with the… Continue reading A mid-month catch up: December


Six of my favourite beauty discoveries this year

Okay, I’m not a beauty blogger. I am, however, a person who uses beauty products, and sometimes I want to share my appreciation or thoughts on them. In lieu of being able to come up with a post with a purpose from the random selection of things that have been new to me this year,… Continue reading Six of my favourite beauty discoveries this year


A mid-month catch up: November

Look at me go. Another month of sticking to my word and penning (read: typing) one of these relatively pointless posts that make me feel like a slightly less rubbish blogger. They also provide me with a rather lovely opportunity to realise quite how little I’ve achieved in the month since writing the previous one,… Continue reading A mid-month catch up: November