Cruelty-free summer bodycare: Fair Squared review*

Fair Squared Cruelty free product review

Ohhh, summer. The sun is shining (sometimes, if you’re in the UK), there are BBQs and beer garden meet-ups aplenty (always, no matter what the weather, if you’re in the UK), and the sundresses are out.

Now those are all some of my absolute favourite things but they also bring about this situation: put dress on, look at legs, realise that lol they’re not exactly looking their best after being hidden away behind tights and jeans for so long, pray that no one looks too closely.

Is anyone else absolutely rubbish at bodycare?

I’m seriously slack when it comes to remembering to exfoliate and moisturise, which isn’t all that great when it comes to baring some skin in the hotter weather – so when I was contacted a few weeks ago by the lovely people at Fair Squared asking if I’d like to try a couple of their bodycare products, it was kind of the nudge I needed to sort out my lizard legs. I’m would never skip my routine for the skin on my face, so I don’t know why I’m such a lazy girl with the skin on my body… the time is right for me to become a proper grown up and address that I reckon.

Fair Squared Coconut Body lotion and scrub

I tried two products – both in a coconut scent because that’s always a favourite of mine. As you might know, I’m currently Vegan and in the process of switching all my products over to cruelty-free versions, and Fair Squared ticks both of those boxes, so they are exactly the type of brand I’m really keen to discover at the moment. They’re also organic and contain fairtrade ingredients – pretty angelic all round, really!

Fair Suared coconut body scrub reviewFair Squared Coconut body scrub

The Fair Squared Coconut Body Scrub* is a gentle and buffing little product; it’s more liquid-y than many scrubs I’ve used before which I was a bit surprised by at first, but don’t be fooled – it’s full of coconut flakes which act as the exfoliant. It would be a great choice as a daily exfoliator because while it’s effective, it’s quite soft for a scrub, and feels moisturising as well. If you want something fairly aggressive (akin to a sugar or salt scrub) to use less frequently then this may not be for you. However, it’s an ideal option for regular use in summer where you need to combat any dry skin but don’t want anything too harsh – especially if you’ve picked up a bit of colour in the sun because no one wants to literally scrub their tan off, do they?! Not that I have a tan right now – I’m actually so white it hurts – but I’m using it every day to keep things smooth anyway.

Fair Squared Coconut Body lotion reviewFair Squared Coconut body lotion

Although I would usually choose a body butter for moisturising because in past experience they have done a better job, the Fair Squared Coconut Body Lotion* has been a great discovery for me. The benefit of a lotion is of course that it absorbs more quickly and easily, but where I feel many other lotions just kind of disappear, absorbing fast but not really doing much, this one feels like it has really nourished the skin. That’s the best of both worlds in my opinion – a moisturiser that feels properly hydrating, but without having to wait around for 20 minutes afterwards to put your clothes on. Again, it’s perfect for daily use, and is fast becoming one of my most used products in all of June because it’s just so easy to moisturise and go. Most importantly, I don’t look scaly anymore, so it’s a thumbs up from me.

Fair Squared vegan products review

These products have been a component of my morning routine for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve really enjoyed using them. Needless to say I’m feeling rather smug at the moment because for once I’m actually on top of my exfoliating/moisturising now its time to dig the dresses out. Maybe at the grand old age of 27 I’ve finally reached adulthood? Who knows. Let’s just hope I manage to keep it up until the autumn is here…I’d say let’s hope I keep it up forever, but that seems like quite a lot to ask.

Is anyone else seriously lazy when it comes to bodycare?

Fair Squared coconut vegan body products review

*These products were very kindly gifted to me by Fair Squared – but rest assured that the opinions in this review (as well as cruelty free product appreciation and recently-reformed lizard legs) are my very own.

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28 thoughts on “Cruelty-free summer bodycare: Fair Squared review*”

  1. Ooooh Fair Squared looks so dreamy! I would LOVE to try it out, especially as it is cruelty free and I adore anything that smells like coconuts. I am rubbish at body care, I have just about got a routine going with my face, but I neglect everywhere else! Immy x


    1. I’m allllll about the coconut scent too, especially for summer 👌 And oh god I’m the same, until I had the little nudge to actually do it I was useless! xxx


    1. Ahh same – coconut is SO good in the summer isn’t it! Definitely getting into natural products more than ever at the moment xxx


  2. I’m such a sucker for coconut scented products so these sound right up my street – also I LOVE that you bought coconuts for this post, that’s such dedication (or if you just happened to have coconuts lying around then even more well done for being the type of real adult who buys actual coconuts haha).
    Amy xx


    1. Haha – yes I bought coconuts for the post, definitely not a real grown up who would have such things lying around! We did cut them open and make coconut flakes to put on top of a curry though so winner winner 👍 xxx


  3. Fair squared are amazing, I actually use their condoms haha! I wrote a blog post on ethical sex if you’re interested as well x


    1. Ahh thank you so much, I loved reading this comment! (really behind on replying to comments, can you tell?! haha) I’m discovering loads of brands since going cruelty free and loving sharing them with everyone 🙂 xxx


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