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Time to start not-so-wasting time

One of my biggest fears, and in many ways biggest obsessions, is wasting time. Wasting anything in general actually doesn’t sit well with me at all – it’s what has me eating absolutely everything on my plate because err you what mate I am not putting good food in the bin – but precious minutes… Continue reading Time to start not-so-wasting time

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Perfectionism; the enemy of productivity

Here is a list of things I have done rather than start this blog post, which was the one thing I really wanted to do this evening: Applied some unnecessary lotions and potions to my face Edited some photos Left what can only be described as ‘fuckloads’ of comments on you lovely people’s Instagram photos… Continue reading Perfectionism; the enemy of productivity


Winter bath and body treats

Can I start by saying that I don’t generally remove my shower products from the bathroom and arrange them on my bed with a carefully positioned towel (usually found slung over something), a bunch of flowers (£3.30 in the reduced section of Tesco), and, inexplicably, a chopping board (lives in the kitchen, been used to… Continue reading Winter bath and body treats

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The ebb and flow of creativity

In recent weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about the way that creativity and inspiration come – and go - in waves. I suppose in some ways, this has been on my mind because I’m going through quite a busy period; I’ve lacked the headspace for anything other than the most mediocre of posts on… Continue reading The ebb and flow of creativity


The easiest way to take gingham into autumn/winter

If you’ve read this blog before, it will probably be obvious that one of my favourite trends of 2017 is gingham. I've done multiple outfit posts including gingham items now and at one point I was really struggling to prevent my Instagram feed becoming a constant stream of checks and not a lot else, because… Continue reading The easiest way to take gingham into autumn/winter

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The best thing about getting older so far

It’s a funny thing, this getting older lark. One glance at a shelf in any card shop is enough to let you know that we’re supposed to be collectively terrified of it, and yes, I do my fair share of 'Can you believe how close we're getting to thirty? So scary' - but at the… Continue reading The best thing about getting older so far

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The mental minefield of dealing with weight gain

When this post is published, I will be on holiday. Presumably, at some point on said holiday, I will be wearing swimwear. As I write this, I have one day before going on holiday, and yesterday’s try-on session of bikinis and swimsuits was nothing short of an ordeal. The thought of putting on swimwear is… Continue reading The mental minefield of dealing with weight gain

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Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

I’ve never been one for quotes, but there are a handful of them that I love, and the title of this blog post has been one of my favourites for a long time. With September comes the start of Autumn (let’s call it autumn, the quote says fall but as I’m British I’m not sure… Continue reading Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall