A week in work outfits: summer

Rob was *delighted* when I announced that we would be taking a photo of my outfit every single morning on the way to work for a whole week, truly.

And he’ll be even more delighted when I tell him that in a couple of months we’re going to do it again, because I thought I would make the post I first did in March – a quick and easy run down of my week in work outfits – a semi-regular occurrence, once a season or something similar, since each one brings with it new things to consider when you’re dressing for a day at the office.

I suppose, therefore, that this is summer, although the strange thing about that is that we didn’t have a spring, instead going immediately from winter to summer and then settling at this odd, unbearably muggy and rarely sunny state.

Forgive me the hyperbole, but said weather is an absolute nightmare for workwear; it doesn’t look bright enough outside to be wearing your most summery looks (and some of them don’t feel quite right for the office anyway), but it’s also hot and sticky. Add in the blast of an air conditioner relentlessly chilling you to your very bones whenever it’s on and the potential for it to rain at any moment despite the heat and THIS IS GETTING DIFFICULT.

This was a pretty low-key week with a below average number of meetings – and thank god, because I had several desk meltdowns (I had the meltdowns, the desk did not) and was in need of the time to just get shit done. Here’s what I wore to try to keep optimum temperature and office-appropriateness while doing so.

Copy of Copy of 1800px × 1200px – Untitled Design (1)


These trousers crease the moment I dare to sit down, but they’re also extremely excellent, so I embraced the idea of having a tiger striped crotch for the day (and didn’t put them on until 7 seconds before leaving the house). As Mondays go it was a pretty decent one, starting with a team huddle before cracking on with a day of admin and planning, nicely broken up with someone’s birthday lunch at the pub, where I ate some excellent chips.

These mules are a new buy of mine (one of the last things I picked up before Slow Fashion Season started) and they’re a great everyday summer shoe that isn’t flat sandals or trainers; easy to walk in, moderately smart but fairly cool, and go with everything. The bag is one of my favourites for dividing opinions – ‘Sophie, I’m not sure if I like your bag’ being my favourite comment yet – ditto the very important shoulder details on this top.

Top – Zara | Trousers – H&M | Shoes – Zara | Bag – C/O Skinnydip

Copy of Copy of 1800px × 1200px – Untitled Design (2)


This dress is my current item of choice when trying to put together an outfit just feels too difficult; it’s light, it’s comfortable, it makes me feel like a real grown up, and it’s really easy to style. It also has pockets, which is very joyful. Anyway, cannot recommend a maxi shirt dress enough for hassle-free office dressing. On this day I had a couple of meetings, but nothing very formal, so rope-soled trainers and a bag that looks like it may contain a snake seemed like good options for pairing the dress with.

Dress – C/O SilkFred | Shoes – Superga | Bag – Topshop | Clip – ebay

Copy of Copy of 1800px × 1200px – Untitled Design (4)


I got no less than five compliments on this outfit, and as I knew I loved it but wasn’t sure that it looked all that great on me, I was delighted. These sleeves, people. I actually got this top at a clothes swap with my friends (thanks Jen for letting me take this gal away with me) and knew it would be perfect spring/summer work attire. I had a team meeting today and wanted to feel put together, so tailored shorts and slingbacks seemed appropriate, but I must admit I felt a little less so when I spilled coffee down myself.

Top – Marks & Spencer | Shorts – Zara | Shoes – C/O Dorothy Perkins | Bag – Vintage

Copy of Copy of 1800px × 1200px – Untitled Design (3)


By Thursday, I was feeling very aware that I’d essentially worn neutrals and navy all week so far and eager to introduce some colour to the week’s outfits (and this post – which is why exercises like this are both fun and a bit self-reflective). The sunshine skirt it was! I’ve barely worn this since last October because even though satin skirts have been *everywhere*, this one never seems to look quite right with warm-weather wear when it’s gloomy outside. I was at my desk basically all day, so went with a comfy white tee and then popped on natural accessories.

Tee – C/O Organic Basics | Skirt – ASOS | Shoes – Zara | Bag – C/O Accessorize | Clip – C/O SkinnyDip

Copy of Copy of 1800px × 1200px – Untitled Design


Is an open back work-appropriate? Well, yes, because it doesn’t make any difference to my brain! Who would’ve thought it (I do appreciate that in certain workplaces this wouldn’t fly). As Friday outfits go, this is one of my favourite in a while; I was pleased to discover these old espadrilles lurking under the stairs and the relaxed fit of the jumpsuit just feels like the start of the weekend. We took that same feeling into our team lunchtime plans and went to Norwich market to sample the culinary delights – of which there are many – in the return of our summer tradition ‘market Fridays’. Until next time x

Jumpsuit – ASOS (gifted via WearPretty) | Shoes – H&M | Bag – Zara | Scarf – New Look

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