A mid month catch up: June

I appear to have missed the middle of the month again, but if we say that the days between 5th and 25th are the middle of the month in that they’re not strictly the start or end, then this is is fair game and I’m not late, right?

June for me so far has been a long blur of rushing from work to home to appointment to errand to work to gathering, punctuated by lovely weekend occasions, so time to sit down with a keyboard and a blank page in front of me has been in short supply.

It started with my birthday on the first Sunday of the month. An evening with friends the day before (drinking cocktails – and they were real cocktails, not the concoctions I used to make at uni – I mixed in my kitchen and demolishing five share bags of crisps before we knew it) and a family wedding on the Monday meant three days of celebrations in a row.

I’m not good at making plans for my birthday and failed dramatically at pre-planning for this one but it was still such a treat to see so many important people in such a short space of time (multiple times in the case of my family) and the wedding was beautiful.

I’ve also had another exciting occasion this month – the hen party of one of my university housemates and favourite people in the whole wide world. There was a boat, there was a mermaid jumpsuit, there were sailor hats, and there was gin. We stayed in bell tents, played games and danced around a fire pit. It was wonderful.

…and my hair has only just stopped smelling of bonfire.

Anyway – in the time that I haven’t been otherwise engaged enjoying the ‘big’ occasions like birthdays, weddings and hen parties, I’ve been mostly being my usual self, by which I mean saying yes to everything and then whinging about it, being consistently late because I apparently think everything I could ever need to do takes 5 minutes, and using the phrase ‘I’m tired’ three times an hour.

While the lovely occasions have been wonderful, they have meant that I’ve gone straight from working to intense socialising and there’s been very little downtime, and I’m the kind of person who really really needs alone time to decompress. When this happens I should be dropping things like mindless scrolling or posting to Instagram, but because I’m apparently not very intelligent, I dropped exercise, sleep and preparing food for myself instead.

The upshot of all this is that I ate crap for about two weeks straight, kept up a weird and pointless ‘presence’ on social media for no reason and now I feel like a slug who is simultaneously shrivelled and engorged.

Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve written anything that accidentally disgusting in a while.

Do not fear though, because while I may not have caught up on sleep yet, I have been prioritising feeding myself anything green this week despite it being yet another plans-every-weeknight situation. This weekend, however, will be two days of zero social engagements, which feels very freeing.

As for the rest of the month, I’m hoping to get all my ducks in a row, so to speak. The same thing I’m hoping to do every month, in other words – isn’t it strange how adulthood is just a massive to do list that you never get to the end of because things never stop being added to it?

I’m certainly learning that I’m not very good at dealing with that particular aspect of growing up, but perhaps the next part might be accepting that and rolling with it anyway rather than having multiple breakdowns over the apparent stress of it all every month.

It’s the week of the Norfolk Show, which is always pretty busy for us at work, but I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to attend as a guest of intu Chapelfield on the Thursday which should be lots of fun. I’ll be ‘style spotting’ for the best dressed competition – so if you happen to be going along and feel like your outfit is a *lewk* then make sure to say hi (and stop by the judging area in front of the RNAA offices at 2:50pm).

And for the final weekend in June I’ll be celebrating the first birthday of my niece, who I obviously cannot believe is one already because no one can ever believe that the children in their life have been subject to the passage of time. Alas, they are, and she is one, and yes, it is very surprising.

I like this post, because it helps me figure out my focus for the rest of the month, and I guess aside from the aforementioned plans and ducks-in-a-row arrangement, I guess I have two other focuses.

The first is to book a holiday, because Cuba seems a very long time ago now. The place we’re thinking of is somewhere I’ve been hoping to go for a very long time, and somewhere that I’m particularly excited to see given recent television events, so I’ll let you know when we’ve booked it.

The second is to take on something of a personal challenge, which is something I hope I’ll learn a lot from. I’ll explain in more detail in my next blog post (and link it here when that’s up), so I won’t spend time going into it now, but essentially it’s three months without buying anything new. Difficult for some people I’m sure, and probably so easy as to seem stupid for others, but we can explore that next time.

How’s June been for you so far? What are your plans, big or small, for the rest of it?

What I’m wearing

Dress – River Island (C/O via Intu Chapelfield) | Shoes – Superga | Bag – Topshop

2 thoughts on “A mid month catch up: June”

  1. Happy belated birthday, Sophie! Sounds like a quiet weekend is definitely in order. I’m hoping to book a holiday soon too – we’re looking at flying to Pisa in September and then catching the train to Cinque Terre on the north coast of Italy. Other than that, my June has featured crazy golfing for my mate’s 40th which I absolutely sucked at, an impromptu meal out at our favourite Italian and breathing a sigh of relief when I managed to wangle my way out of jury duty x

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    1. Very belated thank you! Oh AMAZING – we went to Italy last year, stopped in Pisa just for a day and stayed in Cinque Terre for a few and had the best time, still have a memory card full of photos and list of notes that were meant to find their way on here and haven’t yet. It was also in September actually and the weather was fab. Sounds like a pretty fun June for you (I’m not a wonderful crazy golfer myself 😂 ), I hope this month is treating you well! xx

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