This cute summer outfit is all from Primark


Last summer I published a blog post that at the time was my most successful one ever (not that that was difficult, since I think I’d been blogging about 2 months). It
was this one, a really simple outfit post about a summer outfit that was entirely from
Primark (although I notice I didn’t have a bag, and I never go out without a bag, so
I’m not convinced that it actually was a full outfit…I was new, okay?), and since the warmer weather arrived I’ve noticed people are still reading it.

With that in mind, I thought I would put together an outfit comprised solely of
Primark buys from summer 2018. I always feel I need to ‘say something’, but hey,
sometimes I just want to show you some stuff, and sometimes it’s just nice to see if it’s worthtaking a detour into our favourite affordable fashion store next time you’re in the
vicinity. And sometimes, you just want something to read while on the toilet or
waiting for your coffee (with interesting interpretation of your name, no doubt) to be ready in Starbucks.

Now I must say, Primark has done quite a fantastic job of summer this year. There are
cute tea dresses, button down items and perfect crops galore, and they’ve even taken a
foray into straw bags. Here are the items I’ve picked up recently, all worn together in
a way that I’m not sure entirely goes but decided to wear anyway.


Polka dot dress (£10)

We all know that buttons are a *thing* this year, so I simply couldn’t leave this spotty dress behind, especially since it was a tenner. I think it’s probably supposed to tie up at the back but I find it sits in a much more flattering way (I hate to use the word ‘flattering’ because I find it’s mostly just used to mean ‘makes you look slimmest’ rather than ‘enhancing someone’s appearance’ but in this instance made an exception). It’s cute, it’s flippy, and I feel nice in it. Perfect for the weather we’ve been having and extremely excellent with white trainers. Would recommend.


Gingham sliders (£5)

These are actually the only pair of sandals I’ve bought so far this year (I know…what
is wrong with me) and they were a fantastic purchase. I’m very happy to see gingham
still present in the summer collections and the massive bow is oh so adorable. They’re also very comfortable; I wish the other colours were still in store because I would
definitely have picked up another couple of pairs.

Primark cat eye tortoiseshell sunglassesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sassy accessories (Sunglasses £2, Bag £8)

This year I remembered a bag, and it comes in the form of this black straw number; I usually gravitate towards the paler, ‘natural’ straw colour bags, but having a darker one is actually very useful. The cord ‘out of office’ slogan is a fun touch, but since it seems a bit more appropriate on holiday, I just hold it the other way for day to day (especially when I am in fact going to the office…). The £2 sunglasses were a cheap
way of trying out this particular style of frame, because I wear my round ones so
much that I’m starting to bore myself, and I love the colour.

Total outfit cost: £25. It might be a couple of quid over the price of the look I shared last year, but at least the extra on a bag means I have something to carry my particulars in. Anyone else picked anything good up from Primark recently? I feel like there’s probably still enough of summer left to justify picking up a couple more affordable bits to see us through.


Photography: Robert Poor

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6 thoughts on “This cute summer outfit is all from Primark”

  1. You always find the loveliest things in Primark – the amount of times I’ve gone into store hunting out the bits i’ve seen on your Instagram! Those sliders are beautiful!


  2. That dress is so cute on you! Primark have killed it this summer, to the point where I’m glad they sell out of my size quickly otherwise I’d have spent far too much money in there!
    Amy xx


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