A very important list of the reasons that jumpsuits are fantastic

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How to style a jumpsuit

Look, this might be a really frivolous topic, but a little bit of frivolity never hurt anyone so we’re going to talk about it anyway.

I think – and I don’t say this lightly – that the jumpsuit may be the best item of clothing I’ve ever been introduced to. Okay, now I’m scared I’ve committed too much. Probably too late to back down, and in any case I do think they are fantastic, so I’ll proceed. Not only are they beautiful (just look at the one I’m wearing, from Warehouse’s jumpsuit range – cheetah print, how I adore thee!) but they also have many other advantages that make them superior items of clothing to most. Whoever decided to make a dress with legs or trousers and a top in one so that you don’t even have to try to pair things together (I presume one of those was the thought process, anyway) is a genius who has my eternal love and respect, and here are seven reasons that led me to such a conclusion:

Warehouse leopard print jumpsuit

They are practical. Okay, so the UK is hot at the moment, but it’s also windy, and even the most wholesome looking of dress selections can suddenly see you flashing your 5 year old Primark thong to the world. ENTER THE JUMPSUIT. It will ensure there’s no flashing when it’s blowing a gale outside, it will prevent the agony of chub rub, and there’s a style to suit most, if not all, weathers. The majority (all the ones that I buy, anyway) are also hugely comfortable, like wearing a giant babygro.

Not a sentence that would usually follow on from the phrase ‘giant babygro’ but…they make you feel cool and ‘fashion’. You know when you feel all frumpy and can’t help but think your outfit looks like it was selected by a turnip? I feel like that quite often (probably need to start planning outfits the night before rather than selecting in the morning when my brain is particularly turnip-like), but I have never, ever felt like that in a jumpsuit.

They are so versatile that it’s practically ridiculous. I cannot think of a single occasion where a jumpsuit would not be a good choice, although I suppose ‘a day where you have to pee every 4 minutes’ might be the answer. Day out, night out, work, brunch, afternoon tea, formal occasion, trip to Tesco, lounging around at home: you can wear a jumpsuit to anything. Just pop on activity-appropriate footwear and accessories and you are sorted.

The reasons you need a jumpsuitWarehouse leopard print jumpsuit

They require little to no ‘styling’. You don’t need to style a jumpsuit; a jumpsuit styles itself. They are the ultimate fuss-free lazy girl outfit and that is an essential for me, someone who purports to be interested in fashion/styling but has a meltdown every morning when it’s time to get dressed.

There is (probably) one for everyone. Much like, you know, pretty much all the other garments, jumpsuits come in a lot of variations. It took me a little bit of time to find a shape that made me feel good, but now I know that wide or culotte legs are winners, and tapered legs can work if there is enough room in the bum and hip area too. And so many options beyond shape! Brights – this post from a few weeks ago probably shows you what a fan I am of those – bold prints, block colours, florals…even, as I’ve recently discovered, cheetah print.

They are timeless. Or at least I have convinced myself that they are, because that way I can more easily justify buying them.

They confuse boys and other people who don’t understand them. I immediately love any item of clothing that my boyfriend hates, and the minute I hear that someone doesn’t ‘get’ a certain piece it makes me like it even more – a most stupid but satisfying feeling (that I fully appreciate makes me sound like a pompous imbecile). Also, I enjoy it when people don’t know what to call them…like Rob, for example, who just calls it a ‘suit’. Bless.

Thus concludes my love letter to the jumpsuit, a word I’ve now used more than I ever have in my life. Feel free to share your feelings on the one piece in the comments – I did tell you this would be frivolous. Until next time gorge things x

Warehouse leopard print jumpsuitWarehouse leopard print jumpsuitWarehouse leopard print jumpsuit

What I’m wearing

Jumpsuit – Warehouse | Sliders – Primark | Bag – Zara | Sunglasses – Primark

Photography: Robert Poor

*This is a collaborative post; all styling, imagery, words and opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “A very important list of the reasons that jumpsuits are fantastic”

  1. You are definitely the Queen of Jumpsuits, I’m so jealous of your amazing collection! I always find it’s hard to get a good fit but when you do find one that fits perfectly they really are the best!


  2. That jumpsuit is bloody beautiful! I love a good jumpsuit, essentially for all the reasons above, they definitely never fail to make me feel sassy and fashun immediately!
    Amy xx


  3. I personally love jumpsuits cause I don’t have to think which top with which bottoms. That’s already a huge plus for me, but I agree they’re also versatile and I wore them to special occasions as well as to a coffee date with a friend. I’m glad they came into my life. 🙂

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


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