A sassy summer outfit from Primark

Primark summer outfit

I’ve never done an outfit post that’s just me talking about what I’m wearing before, because for some reason I feel like I have to word vomit something a bit meatier onto these pages if I’m posting outfit photos (god, what a horrible end to that sentence. Not going to rewrite it though). I always enjoy reading a nice simple OOTD post on other blogs though, so that’s what I’m doing today.

Primark summer dress outfitPrimark summer dressRed floral dress

I thought I’d share the Primark love on this occasion because in my opinion there’s a lot of love to share where this particular combo is concerned. This rose print midi dress was an absolute no-brainer of a purchase – it’s light, it’s summery, it’s comfortable, and the frills along the hem and sleeves are a lovely nod to the ruffle trend we’ve been seeing a lot of this year. Basically it makes me feel all swishy and fun, and to my mind that’s exactly what a great dress should do.

Rose print primark dress

I love a good wrap style dress, although the only thing that can be an issue with them when they are the sort of ‘fake wrap’ that this is (i.e you don’t actually wrap and tie it, it’s just made to look that way) is the neckline – depending on your chest size, you might end up with a bit of gaping or you might find that the top half of the dress won’t contain the girls. I fit firmly into the ‘average’ category but this was still looking a bit revealing on me, so I’ve popped a safety pin in for these photos but I will probably also wear it with a black cami or lace bralet in future.

The length is great for anyone who doesn’t want to flash their bum (but props if you do) although unfortunately if it’s windy you might just flash something else because the wrap could probably do with crossing over a little more than it does. That doesn’t put me off though, because that’s only if there’s a lot of breeze and also it was £13 – I am not going to say no to that.

Summer dress and sandals

On this occasion I styled the dress with these black buckled sliders (£8). I like how they toughen the pretty florals up a bit even if they aren’t super flattering on my stumpy little legs. I think these will be great with jeans or culottes too, so I can’t wait to wear them more this summer with lots of different outfits. Likewise, the dress will be perfect with converse, ankle boots or a nice pair of heeled mules, so I feel like I’ve got the versatility box ticked with both of these.

Primark summer floral dress

The sunnies are one of my current favourite pairs because I love a good reflective lense and are just £2, meaning this whole outfit comes in at a measly £23. All hail Primark for bringing us sassy summer outfits to buy without spending all the money we could be using to get merry in beer gardens!

What do you think of Primark’s range at the moment? I feel like there are loads of things in there I could buy right now, are there any gems I should know about?

Summer primark haulPrimark sunglassesPrimark midi dress

Photos: Rob Poor

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33 thoughts on “A sassy summer outfit from Primark”

  1. Primark are killing it at the moment, so much good stuff in there! This dress looks so gorgeous on you, the wrap style suits you perfectly – and I totally get what you mean about feeling like you need to write something ‘meatier’ in an outfit post, I always think that but then I love sharing what I’m wearing and reading other people’s too!
    Amy xx


    1. They really are aren’t they, I’m almost scared to go in this week as I havent been for a couple of weeks and know they’ll have loads of new stuff I want, eeeek. Ahh I’m glad it’s not just me, I feel like I’m copping out somehow if I just write about the outfit, but then like you say I love sharing the outfit love on here and reading other people’s so let’s just keep doing it! 🙂 xxx


    1. Ahh yay it’s so lovely isnt it – although I feel you with the potential of flashing, let’s just hope there isnt too much of a breeze haha. Thanks gal xxx


    1. I would love it if I did see it pop up on your instagram – it’s such a winner from Primark isn’t it! Perfect summer number! xx


  2. What a gorgeous dress Soph!! Love love love that. I’m loving Primark atm, picked up some really lovely off the shoulder tops from there – I need to keep an eye out for these wrap dresses. I find their sizing so hit and miss with dresses but I’m just gonna hold out for one finally fitting me!!


    1. Thanks so much lovely 🙂 Primark is really doing well at the moment, although you are right that their sizing can be very hit and miss at times! I’m looking for a nice off the shoulder top as I haven’t bought any yet this year so I’ll have to have a little look in there 🙂 xxx


  3. You look gorgeous in this dress! I absolutely love flower print dresses, or anything floral for that matter. Those sunnies are lovely and definitely compliment the outfit! I’m glad you decided to do an outfit post, it was a fun read xx


    1. Thank you so much Diana 🙂 I love a good old floral dress as well, can always rely on them to make you feel fab! xxx


  4. I would never have guessed that dress was Primark, its absolutely gorgeous on you. I love how you made it a bit more casual and balanced out the floral pattern with some sliders. I love those in particular, can imagine them with a pair of ripped jeans looking pretty cool as well.

    Your hair is the colour I have been trying to get mine to for ages as well, so you may just have to come along to the hairdressers with me in photo form of course lol.

    Lovely post!!!


    1. Yes I was thinking the same about a pair of ripped jeans with the sliders, think that could be a dream combo! If the sun would just stay out I can give it a go. I’d love to say something good about the hair colour but unfortunately this is just the result of dying my hair out of a packet for 10 years then randomly stopping – so it’s actually just really long roots haha. Thanks so much for reading lovely xxx


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