A week in work outfits

I have an embarrassing (because people insist on walking in on me) habit of documenting my daily outfits on Instagram with a lovingly shot mirror selfie in the office toilets. They’re truly terrible photos, but of the handful of things I do post regularly on stories these are one of those that get the most replies, and I presume this is because most people also have places of work to attend and don’t always feel inspired by what to wear to them.

When you have to be present in an office and ready to work at 9am daily, it’s not always easy to look entirely Instagram ready on each and every one of them. Baffling, I know. There are also practical elements to consider; a suit with no top and no bra will get you all the fire emojis on the gram, but the nip slip potential is not exactly practical for loitering around the printer with colleagues.

For that reason, I thought I’d make a point of photographing what I wore to work every day for a week not in the office toilet. Part of me hoped that mentally signing myself up to such a thing would make me put more time into the outfit planning process on the daily, as I’d been getting a bit of dressing fatigue, but unfortunately that didn’t work. It was, however, an interesting exercise into what the knowledge that you’ll be having your photo taken does to your mindset and choices when getting ready and an opportunity to examine my presentation of my every day versus online self. TL;DR: sort of the same but in a pressure cooker. Still, I think we’ll leave the discussion of that for another time and just talk clothes for now.

For reference; I’m a Marketing Manager at a regional and specialist media company (a publisher, basically). There is no dress code as such;  broadly I’d put myself somewhere in the middle of a casual to formal scale, but it depends on the day.

Here are the outfits I really wore over the course of a work week.

Checked blazer work outfit


You know the thing you have in your wardrobe that you always feel comfortable in, is easy to wear, goes with loads of stuff, and seems to shift, chameleon-like, into any occasion with ease? That is this dress, for me. When I’m really stuck, late, or both, this is an easy win…so naturally I went and used it on the first bloody day, didn’t I. Chump.

It was a warm day so I wasn’t actually cold in this until it got to 7pm and I had no proper coat to walk home in. I don’t even need to tell you that it worked for my day – a couple of meetings, some desk time and lunch out with my department – because it always does, but it’s a welcome thing to feel confident in what you’re wearing, so I appreciated it all the same.

Dress – New Look | Boots – Dorothy Perkins | Blazer – H&M | Bag – Mango

Jeans and a white shirt work outfit


Honestly, I regretted this as soon as I set foot out the door, but there wasn’t much I could do about that, and I’d committed to taking a photo of each outfit, so I dutifully paused for a snap en route. This is the kind of outfit that should be good – simple basics, with some animal print for good measure – but the sort of thing that probably requires the basics to be both of a good quality and fit you well. Unfortunately these jeans aren’t really for me in the shape department (please, where of where can I find a perfect pair of blue jeans?) and the whole debacle just reminded me that I hate this jacket and need to find a suitable faux leather biker replacement.

I ended up doing a half tuck on the shirt halfway through the day but that didn’t help either. I still like the idea of this, but on this occasion wasn’t feeling it. A fall from the grace of Monday, undoubtedly.

Jacket  – Topshop | Shirt – Warehouse | Jeans – H&M | Boots – Zara | Bag – C/O Accessorize

Pleather trousers work outfit


There’s a very limited window in which you can wear a big layered jumper and non-winter shoes, so I seized it on this unseasonably warm February day and did just that. Very old jumper, sheer shirt underneath for a bit of interest (see through – I had no intention of taking the jumper off so I don’t know what I would have done in a work heating disaster) pleather trousers, and an old favourite pair of shoes. I don’t think I’ll throw these red delights away until they’re in actual pieces, so handy are they for quelling the image that I’m entirely round (and making the baggy jumper a little less casual). It was a warm day but a chilly morning, so I continued the slouchy on top vibe and stuck on an oversized cord shacket that I’d picked up as part of some work I was doing with intu Chapelfield (paid for with a gift card, to be clear).

Jacket – Zara (C/O intu Chapelfield) | Jumper – New Look | Shirt – H&M | Pleather trousers – H&M | Shoes – River Island | Bag – Mango

Animal print midi skirt work outfit


I was in a rush on Thursday (by which I mean; I didn’t get up on time and had to sacrifice some getting ready time so as not to be late) so on went what is essentially the same outfit I’ve worn all winter; a pleated midi, a long sleeved top, and the best boots I’ve bought in ages. The weather had resumed normal service for this time of year and usually I would wear either a fur coat, biker jacket or long coat with this, but having been reminded of how much I hate my biker jacket just two days prior and not fancying any of the others, I ended up snatching this aviator from the top of my ‘to sell’ pile. It served its purpose, but it’s back on there now.

Jacket – Primark | Top – New Look | Skirt – New Look | Bag – C/O Dorothy Perkins | Scarf – C/O Accessorize | Boots – Zara | Necklace – C/O Accessorize

Satin midi skirt work outfit


Friday is a sort of dress down day at my work (and more importantly, the canteen does hash browns on Friday mornings) so trainers were the order of the day. I actually could have worn this on a non dress down day too as the rest of the outfit isn’t overly casual but I’d had this top and skirt in my head as a decent pairing for a while and wanted to road test it. Rob calls these trainers my ‘stompers’ (and I know he hates them, but that just spurs me on) so with that, I stomped right out of my working week. Until next time x

Coat – New Look | Top – C/O Miss Selfridge | Skirt – New Look | Trainers – C/O Koi Footwear | Bag – Primark | Headband – Primark

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