I’m trying to appreciate little things more so here’s a handful of stuff I’m going to stop and enjoy this spring


Happy April one and all. I don’t know how the fourth month of 2018 managed to arrive already, but here we are, 3 months and a horrible number of centimetres of rain down. It’s been a pretty good year so far, but when I think back, I’m surprised to find that I don’t actually remember all that much of it, and I’m attributing that to my tendency to focus only on what’s ahead rather than being present for the little things that make life so weird and wonderful.

Generally speaking, I’m awful at stopping to appreciate the small stuff, or be wholly present for moments of quiet contentment; instead I rocket around, my main objective to ‘be productive’, intent on moving on to the next thing, and the next thing, and the next. It’s not a particularly good quality, I know, whereas the ability to recognise and love the simple, unassuming things that could so easily be lost beneath the big ticket items of life  very much is. In the spirit of not wanting to wish the next month or three away, and in lieu of any major plans to tell you of anyway, today I thought I’d spend some time thinking about the small spring pleasures I’m looking forward to noting and enjoying.


And yes, I’ve probably sort of failed already, for choosing to focus on things that I will enjoy and am looking forward to when spring makes it’s entrance, rather than the things in the here and now, but if that bothers you; flannel pyjamas, a beautiful easter egg I hardly dare break (but will take great pleasure in doing so) waiting for me on the shelf, the sound of a cookery programme on TV in the next room, and the luxury of time to tap away at a keyboard in bed while it’s raining outside are all contributing to a current and very enjoyable quiet moment.

A warning, before we begin: these may turn out to be incredibly cliché. That’s probably what all those weird pink quote graphics saying ‘appreciate the little things’ in twirly fonts have done to this topic, as they do to so many, but at the heart of it the sentiment is usually a great one. I shan’t pretend to be above a cliché or two.


Open windows

Oh, to crack open a window and let the outside breath in to your home in without turning the unfortunate room you opt to do this in into a large walk-in freezer. I love letting a bit of the outside in, but not when the sky seems to be trying to drown us all, so in the next month I’m looking forward to weekend mornings breakfasting and tidying with the windows thrown open.

Fresh flowers

There’s no other way to say it; fresh flowers are fucking fantastic. They’re completely unnecessary and serve no purpose beyond an (often fleeting) decorative one, but they also feel wholesome in a way that other luxuries sometimes don’t. The joy that comes from treating myself to flowers, or working at a table next to a vase of flowers, or walking into an otherwise neutral room to find a burst of floral goodness greeting you is one I always want to appreciate. Daffodils are a weekly purchase at the moment and I’m in the market for some tulips soon.


You know when you walk down the street in February (or, say…on bank holiday weekend?!), and everything looks grey, even things that categorically are not grey? I’m not about that life; bring me colour, please. This month I want to focus on all that’s colourful; gardens, colourful doors and houses, and the few beautifully bright vintage cars that live in my vicinity, and let them keep me feeling chirpy.


Walking outside

Winter turns a simple task like going to Tesco to pick up sausages for your sausage pasta and accidentally buying crisps and a chocolate bar into an expedition. I do, however, love being outside, and I can’t wait to find joy in my walk to work or the gym again, rather than them simply being a necessity that gets me where I need to me.

Ditching the outerwear

It’s a great pleasure in life to be able to go from home to meetings to lunch and whatever else without needing to think about a million and one things you need to take with you. I feel so much lighter and more relaxed when I’m not wearing an enormous coat, several layers, and carrying an enormous bag to put the several layers in when I have to take them off. It doesn’t need to be a strappy summer dress; give me a midi and a sweatshirt like I’m wearing here and I’m a very happy girl (particularly when the jumper has a pun on it, like this one from JOY). Leaving my flat in the morning and only having to grab a denim jacket is a carefree moment I’m excited to welcome back.

A dose of carefree

I’ve spoken before about the cycle of renewal we get with the seasons, and if Autumn is when I feel ready to work hard and get stuck in, Spring is the one where I feel motivated to try new things or take a leap of faith (it was Spring last year when I finally took the plunge on blogging, after all). There’s something about the season that seems to give me a dose of carefree that I struggle to come by all that often, making things I’m scared of less scary and things I want seem more achievable. I want to grab that feeling with both hands this year and appreciate that airy freeness just for how good it feels.

What are your plans for this month and beyond? Are there any little spring pleasures you’re really looking forward to?


What I’m wearing

Jumper – C/O JOY | Skirt – C/O JOY | Trainers – H&M | Bag – Zara

Photography: Kaye Ford

C/O denotes an item which has been gifted to me – in this case, Joy were kind enough to let me choose a couple of items from their women’s clothes range. All thoughts, styling, and words are my own.

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10 thoughts on “I’m trying to appreciate little things more so here’s a handful of stuff I’m going to stop and enjoy this spring”

  1. Ahhh I love spring so much, mainly for all the little things that together make me feel so happy and hopeful! I LOVE this outfit by the way and what stunning pictures!
    Amy xx


  2. I totally agree with the colours thing! I love colours so much, the bleak grey of winter really gets on my nerves after so long haha. I’m definitely looking forward to (hopefully) not shivering, and, again like you, only wearing jackets instead of bundling up in thick coats… xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love putting on a podcast when i go for a walk, it bizarrely helps me connect more with the outside world as i’m not lost in my own thoughts, these other words just wash over me and i look around at my surroundings more! I’ve also gotten into the habit of buying daffodils when i do my weekly shop at uni, as it can instantly lift my mood in the morning ❤ It may be cliche, but everyone does it FOR A REASON!

    Bumble and Be


  4. I really enjoyed this post! I think we’re all a little guilty of getting a bit too caught up in life and not taking time to stop, every now and then! I am also a massive fan of flowers (currently trying to fill my house with them and lots of leaves, despite my boyfriends protesting!) I also LOVE that jumper!

    Nicole –


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