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Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

New Look autumnal dress

I’ve never been one for quotes, but there are a handful of them that I love, and the title of this blog post has been one of my favourites for a long time. With September comes the start of Autumn (let’s call it autumn, the quote says fall but as I’m British I’m not sure I can pull that off) and for me, these words beautifully describe the renewal in the air at this time of year.

The leaves on the trees are starting to shed, and yes, Autumn is sometimes used to mean that something is in the early stages of decline, but something about this season gives me a feeling I can only describe as this: Let’s get started. It’s in the rich colours of nature and it’s in necessity, in a way, since carefree summer has ended and work things tend to crank up, but not only that; it’s in my mind, and based on what I’ve seen plenty of other people saying, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Fitzgerald life starts all over againAutumn is the time for new starts

It starts when we are very young, of course; September is time to go back to school, clutching a carefully selected pencil case or new school bag, and a fresh chance to start again. I’m not going to claim to have had a horrific time at school but I was short, bookish and shy, which everyone knows is far from peak cool. The start of a new school term for me always felt like a fresh chance to become what I thought would be the best version of myself, like the characters in American chick flicks who return after summer break and are suddenly the coolest, most desirable girl in school. That never happened of course, (a high school in a suburb of Norwich isn’t quite the same as whatever sun-drenched state they were set in) but I would always start the year feeling that things which once seemed impossible perhaps weren’t any more.

September as the month of new beginnings continued to early adulthood – if I’m allowed to call university that. My parents and I packed up their car and they drove me down to London to start my three year love affair with red beer, fried chicken and telling oh-so-hilarious stories of the night before with my housemates. This time I was doing it properly, a real new start, and it was time to be…well, a drunk cheerleader, apparently, but still – the sentiment remains, and that sense of September being for new starts continues to stay with me.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

I’ve started work placements in this month of the year, personal projects, and relationships. Autumn has also seen the end of a couple of (no longer happy) relationships in the past, but the end of a love story doesn’t have to solely mean sadness. That was just one of the emotions involved; some of the others were relief, freedom, motivation, and readiness for moving forward to start again.

And despite the fact that this year, I don’t have a new job or a new boyfriend (this one is more than fine) and I’m not shaking off anything in particular that’s been holding me down, the season of pumpkins, ankle boots and instagrammable piles of leaves has brought about in me a feeling of newness after a muggy and somewhat lacklustre summer. The arrival of cool, crisp air has brought with it a clarity that I’ve been missing in last past couple of months; because there’s something about September that makes me see everything with fresh eyes, and things that have been troubling me don’t look as problematic as they did.

Autumnal outfitAutumn is the time for fresh startsDress – New Look | Boots – Primark | Bag – Mango

So even though new beginnings are often associated with Spring, this is a reminder that the changing seasons give us a constant cycle of renewal, each one bringing with it something special – and often bringing a fresh burst of motivation too. Autumn is no different, and September is the perfect time to start something new. There’s a decent enough chunk of the year left to feel like you can accomplish things, rather than a vast expanse of time that will have you feeling like it’s fine, it can wait, and but not such a small amount that it makes you feel like there’s no point even trying.

What I’m trying to say – and why use 50 words when you can use 800?! – is that in spite of my dislike of rain and dark mornings and the poor circulation that makes my hands go purple, I’m filled with enthusiasm and optimism for the days ahead, and I hope you are too. It’s getting cool and crisp outside, and the time feels right for new projects, plotting and plans.

 Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Autumnal dressAutumnal fashionAutumn fashionNew Look Autumnal midi dress

Photos: Rob Poor

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24 thoughts on “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”

  1. I actually am starting a new job in a few weeks and I until this I didn’t realise what perfect timing it is for a brand new start – love it! I can’t believe how we’re suddenly in Autumn, the evenings have suddenly got dark and there are so many leaves on the floor already!

    Love your Autumnal outfit, I really want to find a maxi dress for Autumn, I definitely have the coats covered! Got loads of them!


  2. aw the great gatsby is my favourite book and has been for YEARS, and i always, always think of this quote as it starts getting chilly again! it’s such a beauty, ain’t it?! ♥

    yep, i don’t think september will ever lose its ‘new start’ feeling to me, it’s been drilled into everyone from a young age of school…and then uni…and its nothing something i think i’ll ever grow out of!

    glad you’ve got your fresh eyes on and read to go girlie, and looking damn FINE while you’re doing it too 😉

    katie. xx


  3. Beautifully written post as always lovely! I can totally resonate with this post, I feel like September is the start of something new for me! I’m loving the change in weather too, even if I am moaning about how cold I am!! Beautiful dress as well, you look stunning! 🙂


  4. You’re so beautiful! “So even though new beginnings are often associated with Spring, this is a reminder that the changing seasons give us a constant cycle of renewal, each one bringing with it something special – and often bringing a fresh burst of motivation too.” I love this – you’re such a good writer!!!! xxxxx


  5. Haha, I always want to say fall because it’s pretty much the go-to in the blogging world, right?! Looks as though we’re stuck with saying ‘Autumn’ for now though haha. You look SO gorgeous in this floral midi dress; what a flattering fit – worth braving the rain to shoot, for sure 😉


  6. I love this quote and I can completely relate to your sentiments towards autumn. For me, it means the beginning of a new chapter, a fresh start. Autumn is my favourite season of all – I am not much of a summer person – and maybe it is the feeling of ‘decline’ that makes me reevaluate my life and think about what’s truly important to me. This autumn, I’m starting my 2nd year of uni, I’m starting to volunteer for the NHS and I’m also planning on joining more societies at uni, let’s see how that goes. I love your dress btw, it’s gorgeous! xx


  7. I love this post Sophie and this is a gorgeous set of pictures! You’ve actually made me feel quite positive and excited when I was feeling annoyed at it getting cold, something about your writing just made me feel all autumnal and now I’m craving a crisp sunny morning with crunchy leaves.
    Amy xx


  8. Let’s talk about your outfit first – super cute! That dress looks great on you and I’m obsessed with the purse!!!

    I really love that you’re taking a positive outlook autumn. I needed that reminder because I havent been very happy about it. The winters in Montreal are really harsh so to me, autumn just means a harsh winter waiting for us around the corner and I really dont like it 😦

    But, i appreciate taking a positive look on things and I’ll have to do the same. It can be a refresh, a ‘start over’ before the end of the year to get inspired and kick back into gear to accomplish goals!

    Thanks for the inspiration girl!


  9. I was thinking about this yesterday – how basically our whole lives until we leave education September is kind of a second new year. I always feel renewal at this time of year, and you describe that feeling so beautifully 🙂


  10. Hi Sophie, I’m glad I’ve stumbled across your blog – it’s great!
    I agree, September is a time of change. I’ve recently graduated and I start a new job soon so it definitely feels like a new beginning.
    Love the dress, it’s so pretty. x


  11. I totally agree! September brings a fresh start! I’m just about to start my masters at uni this year and it’s going to give me a new start on life again! Also I am so excited for autumn to come into full swing! (Also I love your outfit!)
    Elizabeth || Liz Living


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