How to style red accessories

Two scarlet style staples, because I can’t stop buying red stuff

What to wear with red accessories

I wanted this title to be a beret pun, but hey, it’s late, and I don’t know any, so there’s a tongue twister relating to today’s topic of red accessories for you instead.

Is there a colour you just never thought you would suit? I’ve had three; black (yes, that’s right, I was convinced that the colour that suited absolutely everyone didn’t suit me, because I’m just sooo special, you know?), yellow (an aversion I overcame after ditching my previously yellow hair), and red.

Still, you didn’t need to be an avid fashion follower to notice that this bold and fiery hue was everywhere during Autumn/Winter, and the inevitable result was that it worked its way into my wardrobe, where I promptly decided that I absolutely loved it. I mean, it’s the colour of London buses, strawberries, and my face when I have to speak to a large group of people with whom I’m not already acquainted, so what’s not to like?

How to style red accessories
What to wear with a red beret

Beret – Quiz | Jumper – New Look | Trousers – H&M | Bag – Zara | Boots – Dorothy Perkins

The part after the tongue twister in the title is also true; I cannot and will not stop. My beady little eye is drawn to every red item I see, and like a kind of shit version of Pokemon, I’m gonna catch em all. I’ve got a coat, a bag, a jumper, several tops, a skirt, dresses…I think the only red item I’m yet to buy is jeans or trousers, and that’s probably because I can’t be bothered with the heartache that comes with trying on those items when you’re a girl with sizeable thighs.

While I’ve seen many a gal rocking an all red ensemble which I absolutely love, my particular collection of red items actually make just about the most hideous outfit imaginable, so for this little ootd I just went with the red accessories. It took me months – MONTHS – to find this beret, so there was no way I wasn’t going to make a song and dance about it in a blog post, if only to make up for the time and effort that went into procuring it. Apologies if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter and are sick of hearing about my struggles to find a wool-free beret; frankly, I’ve bored myself with it now, so rest assured that’s the last time I say it.

What to wear with a red beret
How to wear red accessories

The best thing about a beret is that it’s very multi-functional. It’s a hat, sure, and it keeps your head warm, fine, but there’s far more to it than that. One of the great uses I’ve found for it is to hide greasy hair, something that’s really helpful if you’re taking photos in the street on a Sunday morning with a hangover, which is totally not what’s happening here. There’s also the benefit that you can pretend to be super artsy and cool, and that people automatically assume that your outfit is a bit *fashun* when a beret is involved, even if it’s your most basic jumper and jeans.

I also felt like these boots should have their moment of appreciation; they’ve been in a couple of outfit posts on here before, but always when talking about other things. They’re a wonderful heel height with a slight flare for a bit of a 70s vibe, and fit so perfectly at the ankle, which is something I look for in boots – especially if I’m not planning on wearing them with tights or skinny jeans.

What to wear with red boots
How to wear a red beret

How to style red accessories, you ask? (You didn’t ask, but let’s pretend you did) Well, you don’t need my advice – however you damn well please, you stylish thing. Stick with neutrals and make the pop of colour stand out, embrace the shade and co-ordinate them with some matchy matchy pieces, or clash them out with turquoise or pinks. It depends how confident you’re feeling – and the world is your oyster. Or your Sebastian the crab, if we’re sticking with the red theme, although I think that renders the proverb somewhat useless.

I’ve gone neutral but bold for the accompanying outfit here, popping on the New Look jumper of the moment that we all have (do you have it? I bet at least 25% of people reading this do) and these pleather cigarette trousers which were a £7 H&M sale buy (and still in store now). Annoyingly they look very nonchalant and cool on the model on the website and very much like black sausage casing that I’ve been unceremoniously stuffed into on me, but what can you do?

Have you been embracing red over the past few months? How do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?

How to style red accessories
How to wear red accessories
What to wear with a red beret
How to wear red accessories

Photography: Rob Poor

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13 thoughts on “Two scarlet style staples, because I can’t stop buying red stuff”

  1. You look bloody amazing as per! I’m 100% obsessed with the red berets (and red jumpers… and red boots…) trend too. Totally relate about having some colours you just ‘don’t’ wear – anything yellow/lime green/that kind of hue is a no go for me! I regularly point items out in shops that I like, think would look fab on someone with darker skin, and my mum says ‘yeah but that would look shit on you’ lol. She’s definitely right. Red though, red is good on anyone!
    Lily Kate x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so jealous because I’ve always been told I can’t wear red because I’m ginger! I had always thought this was a myth but at a recent blogging event at our local shopping mall I asked the stylist if my Mum had been right to say I can’t wear red … and she agreed with her! WTF! I’m gutted!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve always thought that rule was so dumb.
      Why am i allowed to wear brown, then?
      I don’t think there are any colors that should be off limits for any person…The shades of the color are what matter most if we want to find what’s most flattering.


  3. I love the colour red, I have a blanket scarf that I wear religiously but I really want to add red boots and a red bag to my red accessories collection! I LOVE those trousers, they look great on you girl!
    Amy xx


  4. I love the pictures, I love the outfit, I love the writing. It’s all just so perfect.Your light-hearted wit really makes reading what you have to say so fun and enjoyable.
    The red of your accessories also has a tendency to make every other red item in your pictures POP out. It’s so cool.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m 100% with you on the red and the beret (especially combined)! I’m hallucinating of me wearing head-to-toe red, preferebly a curduroy suit, brogues AND a beret on top. You know, very ‘look at me trying to be Parisienne cool’. I’m yet to find both the outfit as the confident to actually wear it. So I think I’ll also stick to red splashes here and there and trying to defy the cold with some warm tones on my feet…



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