Early Autumn wardrobe heroes

Early autumn style

We all love transitional fashion, don’t we? It forms part of what seems to be a blogger’s wildest fantasy – swishing through crunchy autumn leaves in ankle boots and a chunky knit in front of your Olympus Pen-wielding Instagram boyfriend for the perfect ‘candid’ shot, ideally accompanied by a PSL (despite the fact that they’re gross, soz not soz) clutched in a perfectly manicured hand. Okay, I admit it…I got a bit excited writing that, although give me a soy chai latte any day. Back to business though; I’m not sure we’re there yet. I mean I know the shops are dripping with jackets and boots and jumpers, but I wore a light knit the other day because I was all ‘SEPTEMBER!’ and frankly I was sweating for most of the day, except the part when someone decided to crank up the office air con as though they were under the impression that we work in a tropical location.

This is despite me being a generally cold person (bad circulation, you should see my zombie hands when it hits 10 degrees) – but I also hate being too hot in what I’m wearing. You know when you start to feel a bit enclosed and sticky? That makes me flustered. So when I was thinking that it was about time I started posting autumn fashion on the blog, I decided to go with what I’m actually wearing right now instead of jumping right in with the big guns. At this point in the year it doesn’t seem entirely sensible to be buying more summer dresses, but equally we’re not ready to start wearing our cold-weather wardrobes. These are my early transitional heroes – they’re things that can all be worn together for that in-between weather, but they’re also easy to pair with more seasonal items when the weather gets cooler or hotter.

What to wear for transition to autumn


When it comes to the trouser, my choice is a culotte almost every time. They don’t look like ‘woooooah pal you’ve got your actual bare legs out and it’s not August’, but they’re not going to leave you sweating – and that makes them a perfect transitional piece. I’ve amassed quite the collection now, but these tie waist pink ones are from New Look; the dusky shade feels a little autumnal and they’re super comfortable. The versatility of a good pair of trousers is one of my favourite things about them and that’s why I think they’re worth buying at any time of year – pop on a crop top and sandals if there’s a burst of September sun or a ribbed knit and sock boots when it gets a bit chillier.

Best shoes for start of autumnEarly autumn footwear


Sturdier than a ballet flat, more enclosed than a sandal but not screaming WINTER like a boot, loafers have to be the ultimate transitional shoe for me, although the same applies to any fairly solid closed-toe footwear really. These floral embroidered babies are a recent purchase from EGO, although they were part of the spring collection (I actually included them in this wishlist when I first started blogging, and a mere four months later they’re mine…). Okay, so they’re sort of mules (loafer-mules?), but I think I’ll get a good few weeks out of them yet paired with trousers and jeans. When the weather drops a little more I’ll switch to an enclosed pair and pop them on with tights and skirts.

Wardrobe heroes teeBest clothing pieces for transitioning

T shirts

I know that t shirts sounds like a summer thing, but a good, non-flimsy tee is such a useful item to have for when the weather hasn’t yet properly turned but is no longer really hot. They’re great for layering under blazers, cardigans, and bomber or biker jackets, so it’s the more the merrier at any time of year where a good tee is concerned, in my opinion. Admittedly as we move into the last part of the year you want one made of good, relatively thick material, and much as it pains me to say it (because I’m sorry you want HOW much for a t-shirt)…Topshop is where it’s at for that, I’ve found. I’m sure this one needs no introduction, since I plastered it all over my Instagram, and in another blog post, but I love it, and it’s not being packed away just yet.

Early autumn outfit ideasTransitional wardrobe tee and blazer


I bloody love a blazer, although I often forget about them. I bought this one from Topshop several years ago now and haven’t given it the love it deserves – I do periodically rediscover it every six months or so but this time I think it’s properly back on my radar. I’ve been wearing it over tea dresses for work, and I think it’s going to be great with jeans and over jumpers or under coats as the weather gets cooler. My only problem is that this one is a tiny bit like some of the checked ones that are popping up at the moment (like this one, this one and this one) in that it’s grey and patterned, but nowhere near similar enough to stop me wanting to buy one of the new ones. Hmm.

Autumn textured bag


My last early autumn hero isn’t a particular item, it’s a feature. There’s a reason I think this bag is great for transitioning to the cooler months and that reason is texture. Experimenting with different textures can really elevate an outfit anyway, but it always seems particularly effective in autumn and winter when there’s a lot more to play with. Accessories are a great way to get into the textured transitional zone even when it’s not chilly outside yet because they’re not going to add unnecessary warmth. I’ve been using this faux pony hair bag a lot recently, having put it away in April and rediscovered it during our move, and I think it’ll see a lot of wear over the coming months.

And there we have it; the wardrobe staples I’m wearing for early autumn, because I’m a rubbish fashion blogger and I’m not ahead of the seasons, but also because these things work for a lot of different eventualities. Paired with some of your favourite cosier pieces they can be worn throughout the season, but you’ll be able to get use out of them now and keep them out even if we get an Indian summer over the next few weeks.

What are your favourite things to wear at this time of year? Are there any other early autumn staples that I should be adding to my wardrobe?

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Photos: Rob Poor

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39 thoughts on “Early Autumn wardrobe heroes”

    1. Yessss love a blazer, they’re so useful aren’t they – I’m missing a classic black one at the moment so it’s on my shopping list (along with the grey checked one..) xxx


  1. I also got VERY excited at the prospect of September… I waltzed out the hose in PLEATHER TROUSERS. It was a very bad decision. Needing culottes in my life, and the blazer… And the entire outfit. Also, pat on the back for Rob, these snaps are so lovely! Immy x


    1. Pahaha great job, it is so easy to get carried away isn’t it, September says winter wardrobe but the muggy air outside at the moment says otherwise! Love a good pair of culottes, they’re the comfiest things ever! Thanks gal, I’ll let him know (he likes it when people give him credit haha) xxx


  2. Love your picks, definitely agree with culottes and blazers – the perfect in between pieces! I have bad circulation too and that combined with a constantly freezing office means I’ve dug the knitwear out already and am loving it x


    1. Ahh it can be such a pain in the colder months cant it – as soon as it’s not summer anymore my hands are useless! Bring a hot water bottle into the office, that’s what I’ll be doing come October haha xx


    1. Thanks Courtney! I know exactly what you mean, it isn’t quite time yet is it, where I am it’s still quite muggy outside so it’s not time for jumpers and coats yet and I think I’d just look really uncomfortable if I tried to take outfit photos wearing them haha. Soon though I think! x


  3. Great outfit. I think I need to do some shopping soon. It`s getting colder so time to restock the wardrobe 🙂 The bag is really cute. I love those small ones as you can carry most necessary things without any effort at all.


    1. Yes, it is a pretty perfect size – fits quite a lot in it while still being fairly small! I love it when it’s time to start looking for clothes for the next season 🙂 Thanks lovely x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cracking post love! I’m actually very much looking forward to wearing a coat again and all that… but I know as soon as I’m doing so I’ll pine for the long summer days. We can never just be settled in one season can we 😉
    Also, what even is a pumpkin spice latte?!?!? I own a cafe FFS, and I’m just like, nope, no thank you, doesn’t sound great. Though saying that despite how many milk based coffee drinks I make a day, I’m not into them at all!
    Holly xxx


    1. Haha I know exactly what you mean – I am awful for that, always pining for whatever season it isn’t! And oh my god, when I tried a pumpkin spice latte it was so disappointing – after all the hype I was expecting something revolutionary, but it just tastes like someone’s taken a handful of earth and mixed it in with milky coffee. I love the odd (dairy-free in my case) milk based coffee drink but those are not for me haha. Thanks gal xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you so much! That sounds lovely, I love the candle scents at this time of year and lit my first one of the season last night which was very satisfying 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I really need to sort out an Autumn wardrobe, I’m so confused about what to put on at the moment. I definitely want to find some new blazers – they’re my favourite Autumn staple!


    1. I feel your pain, every morning I have no idea where to start with dressing at the moment (which is kind of why I felt like I should make myself think about easy solutions for the morning rush for this post haha). I’m also on the hunt for new blazers this season so let me know what you find! 🙂


  6. The shoes – the trousers – I love it all! Gorgeous post… I’ve just bought a denim jacket in a dusky pink and just waiting for the right autumnal day to shoot it 🙂


  7. I’ve got a similar pair of the pink trousers! I can see why you like them so much. They are so comfortable to wear and look amazing also. Really loved the outfit!

    Alys /


  8. Oh those trousers are beaut! A definite yes to tshirts at this time of year, they’re the perfect transitional piece. The weather is weird atm isn’t it, I did the exact same and wore a light jumper the other day just to end up feeling flustered and bleurgh! Looking gorgeous as usual lovely,
    Amy xx


  9. I am normally not a fan of in-between seasons clothing but this is the first year that autumn is getting me excited as well! I love them culottes (actually wearing a pair right now) and also a good old school blazer to pull everything together! Found your tips totally on point and I am dying to have that automnal shooting session in a foggy auburn-coloured forest! I only have to convince my Instagram bf, hahahaha

    Great post as always, girl!

    Saida | She talks Glam


  10. I am normally not a fan of in-between seasons clothing but this is the first year that autumn is getting me super excited. I love the culottes and also a good old school blazer to pull everything together. I’ve got a similar pair of the pink culottes. I can see why you love them so much. They are so comfortable to wear and look amazing too. Really loved the outfit.
    Sharon Elsie |


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