The trend I can’t get enough of right now

Embroidered shirt and biker jacket

I’ve developed quite a fashion fixation recently. Based on the image above you would be forgiven for assuming that it was looking awkward in photos, but I’m afraid that’s not a mere trend for me, that’s something I will do in every photo for the rest of my life and it’s mighty unfortunate.

Anyway, I digress – it’s embroidery. Floral embroidery. Pastel embroidery. Delicate embroidery. Bold embroidery. Almost any form will do. I love that it can be incorporated into so many styles and items of clothing, and the way it can be used to add pattern, colour and texture to an outfit.

Embroidered biker jacket outfitWhite shirt, jeans and biker jacket

I know, I know. We’ve been on the embroidery wagon a while now. It’s kiiiind of old news Soph. But I still can’t get enough, and with more and more pieces popping up for summer as well as all the things I’ve had my eye on for the last couple of months, I just want to throw all the money at the high street and have it all.

I’ve managed to be pretty good, so far, and only nabbed myself two embroidered items*; a white shirt and a biker. I wore them both together, which may be breaking the rules somewhat because I don’t know if you’re allowed to wear embroidered items together and I’m inclined to believe that would probably be considered a big no-no. In fact, I imagine there are blog posts currently in existence titled something like ‘How to style the embroidery trend’ and point two is probably ‘CHOOSE ONE PIECE.’ Still, I’ve only gone and done it anyway, and because the jacket covers the shirt and the colours on the embroidery are similar for both, I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I think I like it, so guess who just became a rule breaker?!

Embroidered biker jacketEmbroidered biker and frayed jeansBlack mules and frayed hems

I’ve got my eye on a LOT of other pieces though, so thought I would put a little wishlist together. To be honest this is just the tip of the iceberg, but here’s some of the embroidered treats I’m considering adding to my wardrobe at the moment:

Embroidery wishlist

1.  Ego Cheska embroidered mules, £24.99 | 2. Topshop embroidered mom jeans, £59.00  | 3. Zara embroidered mini dress, £39.99 | 4. New Look embroidered peplum hem top, £24.99 | 5.  Boohoo Frankie embroidered belt, £12.00 | 6. New Look embroidered shirt, £22.99 | 7. Next embroidered long sleeved top, £40.00 | 8. Zara embroidered city bag, £29.99 | 9. Next black embroidered dress, £50.00  | 10. M&S red heeled mules, £35.00

I can’t afford to buy all of these if I want to eat for the next year, but I’m definitely hoping to treat myself to a couple of them when I decide which I’d get the most wear out of.

White embroidered shirt outfitWhite shirt and biker jacketBiker – Primark | Shirt – New Look | Jeans – New Look | Mules – M&S | Bag – New Look

Are you loving the embroidery trend as much as me? Which items on my wishlist should I go for?

*p.s. I have a confession to make. Since writing this I have in fact bought something else, OOPS. It’s this little New Look bag, and although it’s not exactly what I was after, at just £7 in the sale I thought I would be silly not to snap it up while I decide which of the pricier items to go for. Told you I was addicted.

Photos: Rob Poor

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26 thoughts on “The trend I can’t get enough of right now”

  1. Yep I was right, this post has 100% made me want to spend money on allll the embroidered things. I love your shirt and the biker and they look great together – rules are meant to broken when they make you look this good 🙂
    Amy xx


    1. Hahaha I’m sorryyyyyy – although as I said on insta my obsession was definitely spurred on by your embroidered jeans! Thanks gal 🙂 xxx


    1. You BABE. Thanks lovely one – I know, the Zara dress is beautiful isn’t it?! Such a pretty little summery number. Do it, would look amazing on you! xxx


  2. Oh I love LOVE your outfit, especially those jeans, they are gorgeous. And I really like embroidery, but due to my intense spending ban, I have yet to buy anything with it. But I really want that Zara dress…

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


    1. Ahh thanks lovely, I have a bit of an obsession with frayed hems at the moment as well as the embroidery! Oh god tell me about it, I am trying to put myself on a spending ban too (so scouring the internet for my favourite embroidered things wasnt really a good idea…) Thanks for reading 🙂 xxx


  3. I’m late to the flowery embroidery too but lovinggg it, already got some stuff for summer, can’t wait to wear it at music festivals hahah.


    1. Oh I bet that’s going to be lovely, there are some perfect floral embroidered pieces for festivals about! 🙂 Thanks for reading xxx


    1. Oh my don’t tell me this, I’ll probably end up going there and getting it tomorrow haha! No seriously I think I may have to go and check it out, I love a shirt dress! Thanks gal xxx


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