Late to the Realisation Par-ty

Black long sleeve wrap dress

Before we get into this can we just take a moment for my maybe excellent but probably terrible fashion-related pun in the title of this post? I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry (but not that sorry).

Anyway, moment over, and let’s turn our thoughts to one of the newest additions to my wardrobe, this little Realisation Par inspired wrap dress of dreams. Realisation Par dresses and dupes have been all over every Insta it-girl in the last year, but it seems to have taken me a while to hop aboard the trend and pick up something similar.

I don’t know why I hadn’t welcomed one into my life yet, because I am so on board with this style of dress; they’re girly but a bit sexy, they’re flouncy and they’re fun, and they make you feel like one of the best versions of yourself. A frilly wrap dress is undeniably pretty, but also gives off a bit of a cool girl vibe (probably at least in part thanks to Alexa et al) – and although I am anything but a cool girl, I must say that when I popped this outfit on, I definitely felt like I was getting closer.

Realisation Par dress dupeRealisation Par styleRuffle dress and mirrored sunglassesRealisation Par dupes

Spending upwards of £150 on a dress isn’t my jam at all, so naturally I had to seek out a more affordable alternative. I spotted this little number in H&M before I went on holiday, but when I got back it was in the sale for £10, so there was no question – it was coming home with me. I can’t find it online anymore, but there are still quite a lot of them in my local H&M, so worth checking out if you’re after a Realisation Par dupe.

Realisation Par dupeDress – H&M | Shoes – Primark | Bag – New Look | Necklace – Lisa Angel | Sunnies – Primark

The neckline, cuffs and hem tick off the frills and ruffles trend we’ve seen so much of this year already and the wrap shape is flattering as ever – there’s also a decent amount of overlap so when you walk your entire thigh doesn’t pop out. Worn with little blush pink mid heels and a chain strap bag, I felt like I could be good to go for the office, a lunch date or evening drinks, so I can tell this will get a lot of wear.

It actually reminds me a lot of things I would have bought a few years ago, so maybe I was just really early to the party rather than late? Either way, I hope this trend sticks around because there are plenty of other gorgeous ones about – I’ve got my eye on short sleeved or strappy versions in bright or pastel colours next, like this onethis one and this one!

What do you think about this style of dress? Is it something you would wear?

Realisation Par polka dot dupeRealisation Par dupe dressH&M Realisation Par style dressRealisation Par wrap dress dupeRealisation Par style dress

Photos by the lovely Beth Atkins.

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30 thoughts on “Late to the Realisation Par-ty”

  1. I’m still so involve with you blog’s name, Sophie! I’m ALL about those play on words.

    Stunning dress! I love the neck line.

    I don’t own any clothes intros or a similar style. I’m not sure it would work my body type, but you are rocking it! I like it paired with a simple necklace!



  2. You are so good at outfit posts! I feel like such a dick doing ootd shots haha. Did you take these photos somewhere off king street? I’m sure I recognise the area. Love the dress too – definitely going to have a look for it! X


    1. Haha oh god believe meeeee I feel like a dick doing them, but they’re my favourite ones so I try to suck it up and get on with it (with varying levels of success)! There are always about 3485756 outtakes though because I am not a photogenic person. We took them just off Quay Side and I’m sure the inhabitants of this house loved it…eek. You’re welcome to join next time btw if you have any outfits you need taking photos of 🙂 We both felt like complete tools xxx


    1. Ahh thanks so much Em! Haha that is totally the vibe I get from this too, the kind of dress you definitely have a bit of a twirl in…do it! xxx


  3. I love polka dots and the style of this dress is so pretty – it suits you so well. Spending £150 on a dress isn’t really my style either haha so this is such a bargain and perfect dupe! H&M has some right gems sometimes,
    Amy xx


    1. They really do! Good old H&M, bringing the bargains. I haven’t worn polka dots in a while but this dress has totally made me love them again! xxx


  4. Oh girl I can’t believe you picked up this beaut for £10 in the sale.. what a buy!!! I have the same dress but it’s in a red floral print and it’s just so pretty! I also find it hard to justify spending £150 on a dress (I usually end up shrinking them in the wash or spilling something down it haha!). Looking babe’in as always!

    Hayley xo


    1. I know, one of my favourite finds recently! Oooh red floral print version sounds lovely, I’m going to be looking out for that one now haha. I do the exact same with the shrinking or spilling, so there’s no point buying anything expensive…thanks so much you babe xxx


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