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10 great little moments

Sunglasses and rose gold hoops

It’s quite easy to let tiny things bother you, isn’t it? Just this morning I got very irate because Morrisons had run out of limes, which is actually pathetic. I’m also partial to a bit of loud sighing or a small tantrum if someone’s on the piece of equipment I want to use at the gym, if I forget to bring my lunch to work, if a car journey takes even 10 minutes longer than expected, or if some other such nonsense and entirely unimportant but annoying thing happens.

I tend to give less focus, however, to appreciating the equally small things that give me the opposite feeling. That’s why today I’m making a point of recognising life’s great little moments; there are literally hundreds, but let’s go with 10 for now, because it’s a nice number and I’m sure we don’t want to be here all day. Some are moments of relief, some are moments of love and some of them are just plain stupid, but they’re all moments I enjoy:

1)  When you take the first sip of a fresh cup of tea at the perfect time. If you get overexcited and go in early it’s too hot and you feel like your tongue is on fire and your mouth is ruined for the next few hours, but leave it to cool down too long and you risk forgetting about it. When you finally remember it’s likely to be a bit like drinking pond water, and that’s not pleasant. Getting it bang on is just so darn satisfying.

2)  When you arrive at the gym and you’re not feeling it at all and consider going home to bed, but then out of nowhere end up absolutely attacking your workout or even smashing out a PB, and feeling great because you’ve unexpectedly worked your (sweaty) little socks off.

Casual spring dungarees

3)  When you wear something new for the first time and feel a little bit special as soon as you put it on. Especially good if you then walk into work/a party/wherever you’re going and someone says ‘nice shoes/jacket/lip colour’ AS SOON AS you get there.

4)  When you get home after a long, busy day to find that your boyfriend/girlfriend/housemate/other has made one of your favourite meals. Good food is absolutely one of the things that should bring you pleasure, but one of the main joys of this for me is not having to make the decision about what to eat, which is the worst part of all dinner plans, mostly because of this situation:

‘What do you fancy for dinner tonight?’
‘I don’t mind, what do you want?’
‘I don’t mind either’
‘Okay, what shall we have then?’
‘I don’t mind.’

And then you both combust and die. Okay not quite, but oh god please someone just decide because no one minds.

Casual spring look

5) When you catch your reflection in a shop window as you walk past and have to look again because wait, that person in the cracking outfit looking sassy is YOU. I mean this has probably happened to me just once but it certainly gave me a spring in my step that day. Has anyone else has experienced this? Please say yes.

6)  When you make a good ordering decision in a restaurant. Isn’t it so pleasing if you are trying to decide between a few different things, and what you end up ordering turns out to be fantastic? Bonus points if a waiter walks past with one of the alternative options and it doesn’t look that great; you have managed to avoid both ordering regret and food envy.

Dungarees and white blouse

7)  When you finally decide to crack on with the most dreaded item on your to-do list and just get it over with, and it takes a lot less time and is a lot more painless than you imagined it would be. Such a perfect moment of relief.

8) When you have your eye on a nice little gift for yourself, like a new dress or bag, decide to exercise self control and wait a little while to be sure that you REALLY want it – and then find that it’s half price when you eventually take the plunge and get it to the till. Woohoo, more money for cake!

Casual weekend white and denim look

9)  When you gain some time you weren’t expecting to have – if a meeting finishes early or is cancelled, if your journey takes less time than anticipated or if you’ve set some time aside for a task and it doesn’t take anywhere near that long to complete it. You’ve cheated the clock, you’re free to do other things and perhaps you’re a time lord…either way, it’s a great feeling. These photos were actually taken as a result of one of those moments; I finished work a bit early, meaning I could get to the gym quicker, and then still have time afterwards to fit in an evening walk with the boyf while it was still light – the fact that we didn’t expect to have time to do much that evening made it so much better.

10)  When you’re on your way to meet old friends or friends who live far away after a long period of not seeing each other, and you feel quite nervous when you’re about to knock on their door or meet them at the station – and then as soon as you see their lovely little face/s you know there was absolutely nothing to worry about, because nothing has changed. ❤️️

Flared sleeves and dungareesConverse and dungareesDungarees – New Look | Top – Primark | Trainers – Converse | Sunnies – Primark

What are your favourite little moments?

Photos: Rob Poor
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32 thoughts on “10 great little moments”

  1. I loved this post! Definitely needed reminding of some of these lovely little moments because I get so ragey over things that don’t go to plan (I can also see myself having a mini meltdown in Morrisons if they were out of limes!). I have also had the shop window moment, so you aren’t alone! x


    1. Thank you lovely one! 🙂 Thank god you know what I’m on about, I did read that back after posting and think oh god what if I just sound like an idiot haha…xx


  2. Love the positivity in this post! Number 2 is my total favourite; when you’re knackered and then surprise yourself with an A+ workout. Loving your dungarees, by the way!


    1. YES, nothing beats an unexpected A+ workout, happened to me on Saturday morning which was fantastic and put it front of mind. Thanks for reading and commenting gal (and I am loving dungarees for weekends at the moment) xx


  3. I’m able to read blogs right now because I had one of those brilliant moments when a task at work unexpectedly gets finished really early! 😉 x


  4. Aw Sophie I love this post! You’re so right, we’re quick to get annoyed by the smallest things (I basically spend my whole day huffing and puffing haha!) but don’t appreciate the little things enough. I am so with you on making a good restaurant order decision especially because I’m the least decisive person ever so if I manage to make a good one it’s the best! Also me and my boyfriend have that conversation about tea pretty much every time we eat together haha, I’m glad it’s not just us! You’re looking so gorge in these pics too, dungarees really suit you!
    Amy xx


    1. ‘Huffing and puffing’ – love that you used that phrase it is SO me too haha! Ahhh I am terrible at making decisions too, so when one goes well (or even better, if the option is just taken away) it’s so pleasing. Thanks so much gal, loooove a good pair of dungarees! xxx


  5. Oh my god number 4 made me laugh, that is literally me and James all over!!! We’re awful at making foodie decisions and then we get hangry and then I just graze on everything in the house and GAH. Food. xx


    1. Hahaha that is defffffinitely me too, such a grazer! Plus you have to have a couple of snacks to aid the decision making process right?! Except I’m not very good at stopping once I start…oh food xxx


    1. YAY I’m glad someone knew what I was on about! So true, I don’t think I’ve ever regretted working out even when I felt like skipping it in favour of cake and bed (you can always do that afterwards, after all…👍) xxx


    1. Haha, thank you – I’m glad someone appreciates it because I’m quite the pun fan too! Thanks for reading 🙂


    1. Pahaha it is so annoying though, it does make me feel like I may explode! I need to have dinner with you in that case because i’m happy for someone to just decide for me so I don’t have to make the decision. Thanks for reading 🙂 x


  6. Omg this is great!! I tend to get annoyed at the little things that really don’t matter, often without realising I’m even doing it. This list is on point though! I do appreciate when these things happen. Love your outfit!!

    cait / cait rammy


    1. Yesss I’m exactly the same, I don’t even realise I’m doing it sometimes! Thanks gal – love dungarees! xxx


    1. Thanks lady! Oh god YES we are so bad for that and nothing ever gets decided, I’m glad we’re not the only ones! xxx


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