Eating at Norwich Market: my top vegan food picks

***Food porn alert, may make you hungry***

Oh hi hi, how are we all? Welcome to my first ever food post. Eating is a highlight of my day (I mean that seriously) so I can’t quite believe it’s taken me this long to do one. Anyway, we’re here now, so I’ll get on with it.

Over the last few weeks the boyf and I have developed a bit of a Saturday routine. It involves a morning workout, a shower – obviously – a bit of pottering around the flat and putting washing on and all that boring stuff, and then heading out to Norwich Market for lunch. (Sorry, if you hadn’t guessed from the title this is a Norwich focused blog post, but even if you live nowhere near here you’re very welcome to stay to look at photos of food. I love looking at foodie images and reading menus so I think that’s a very reasonable thing to do. Or if you’re planning to ever visit this corner of the UK you might spot something you fancy.)

In all honesty before we started incorporating this into our routine I wouldn’t have thought to eat at Norwich Market at all. Probably my only memories of doing so prior to this involve being 14, out shopping with friends and getting chips from the market with loads of salt and vinegar. And probably almost an entire bottle of ketchup. Hashtag living the dream.

However, it seems that I’ve been living under a rock for all these years because it turns out there are LOADS of food stalls on Norwich Market, and some of them are pretty damn delicious. Here are my top three at the moment:

Sweet Beet Burger from Bia Kitchen, Norwich MarketSweet Beet Burger with Caulifire Bites, Bia Kitchen

Bia Kitchen – Row B, Stall 54/55

Ohhh, Bia Kitchen, how I love thee. Bia is a vegan diner with the most excellent menu. I’m currently vegan (I’ve got a post coming up on that soon, so won’t go into it now) but even if I wasn’t I would eat here all the time because it is so damn delicious. In fact, I went here with my whole work team one lunchtime and everyone loved it, so it’s definitely not just for those eating a plant-based diet.

Bia Kitchen, Norwich Market

Their menu includes the Sweet Beet Burger (it’s great), the Pulled Jack Bap (BBQ pulled jackfruit with red cabbage slaw in a garlic bun…be still my beating heart) and the seriously delicious caulifire bites – battered cauliflower with hot sauce. They have a few items (a spicy bean burrito, the pulled jackfruit, and a couple of others) which are available every day and then a changing specials menu which usually includes two or three others. And guys, guys, they do a vegan mac and cheese! That is next on my list for sure, it’s just that it’s one of the specials and I haven’t been when it’s been on yet. When I get my hands on it, you’d better believe it’ll be all over Instagram quicker than you can say carbs.

Price wise, eating on the market is great because you get food of the same (or higher!) quality you would get elsewhere for a lot less. Expect to pay around £4-£6 at Bia depending on what you have , plus £2 if you add the caulifire bites as a side (ALWAYS add the caulifire bites as a side).

Vegan Hoagie from Bia Kitchen, Norwich MarketVegan Hoagie, Bia Kitchen
Pulled Jackfruit Bap from Bia Kitchen, Norwich MarketPulled Jack Bap, Bia Kitchen
Mushroom Toastie from Bia Kitchen, Norwich MarketMushroom Toastie, Bia Kitchen

Falafel and Friends – Row B, Stall 40/41

Now I haven’t branched out too far here, because Falafel and Friends is actually just opposite Bia Kitchen. So close in fact that I could probably stand in the middle of that row and touch both of their counters at the same time, but I’d look a bit strange if I did that, so I haven’t tried.

Anyway, this place is (as the name suggests) a falafel lover’s dream. Their menu is made up of falafel wraps, each one with different fillings – there’s sweet potato, halloumi, rocket & chargrilled veg and a couple of others. A few weeks ago I had the best MARMITE tofu wrap there. Please don’t switch off at the mention of tofu, because honestly this was so tasty. If you like marmite, that is. If not, maybe go for something else; it’s all great so it won’t matter too much.

Marmite Tofu from Falafel and Friends, Norwich MarketMarmite Tofu Wrap, Falafel and Friends

Not everything here is vegan – as I said, there’s a halloumi and falafel wrap that I would have gone nuts for before I stopped eating animal products, and there are items involving dairy – but nearly all of them can be made vegan if that’s what you need by simply omitting the mayo or cheese. Yesterday I had their new Buffalo Falafel Wrap (falafel, houmous, salad, and vegetarian chicken), they just used sweet chilli sauce instead of sweet chilli mayo and we were sorted. Would definitely recommend that one too by the way.

It’s good value here as well, £3.50 – £4.50 for a wrap and then additional sides of cajun spiced potatoes, spicy rice balls, flatbread or lotus chips for a couple of quid extra.

Falafel and Friends at Norwich Market

Buffalo Falafel Wrap from Falafel and Friends, Norwich MarketBuffalo Falafel Wrap, Falafel and Friends

Kind Food – Row F, Stall 124/125

Okay so we’ve done lunches, but I couldn’t very well not include some form of cake could I?! Kind Food specialises in gluten and dairy free food, most specifically/importantly – CAKE. And tarts (lol). And cookies. Baked goods, essentially, and man oh man are they delicious. Every time I walk past I have to have a good old gawk at the selection because there are so many incredible looking things.

Vegan cakes at Kind Food, Norwich MarketVegan treats, Kind Food

Although it’s dairy-free they use eggs in some things so it isn’t entirely vegan, but they do have a very very good selection of vegan items. Those are the ones at the side of the stall, rather than the ones at the front where you order, incase you happen to be vegan, reading this, and want to take a little trip there (what are the chances?!). In terms of price you’re looking at £1 – £4 depending on which treat you select, so again it’s great value for money.

Kind Food, Norwich MarketVegan Bakewell Tarts, Kind Food

I’ve had the vegan brownie (oh god so good), the vegan bakewell (I was really happy to find this) and the vegan chocolate orange brownie. I’ve actually been eating the chocolate orange brownie while writing this, although – who am I kidding – I finished it around the same time that I finished the third sentence. That’s both a reflection of how great it was and a reflection of how much of a little piggy I am.

Chocolate Orange Brownie from Kind Food, Norwich MarketChocolate Orange Brownie, Kind Food

And there we have it – my current Norwich Market food recommendations, especially if you’re vegan/veggie/dairy-free, but good food is good food so these are really just for anyone. Any suggestions for where I should try next? General vegan-friendly suggestions in Norwich would also be splendid!

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19 thoughts on “Eating at Norwich Market: my top vegan food picks”

  1. That’s such a great Saturday routine to have in place, and definitely one I could be tempted to get on board with if I find a local food market, haha! The vegan chocolate brownie shown in this post looks SO good…


    1. It is a routine I have become quite accustomed to now…get the exercise done and then stuff my face, haha…the brownie was insaaaaane! Thanks for reading gal 🙂 xxx


  2. Great post. I love the market! I plan to write a blog post on the best food from there too. Have you been to the lasagne stall yet? I’m sure they have a veggie option! X


    1. So nice to hear from a Norwich blogger! Thanks for reading 🙂 I haven’t eaten from the lasagne stall, they have a delicious sounding veggie option but not a vegan one (yet, I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed haha) BUT the boyfriend had their classic lasagne the other week and said it was the best he’d ever had. So a glowing review from him! xxx


    1. Haha I think everyone there thinks I’m a bit odd holding my food out in front of me to take a photo before I eat it, but it’s SO good! xxx


    1. Ahhh yay, you should defffffinitely try these when you visit, they’re all great! The brownie was so ridiculously delicious. Thanks for reading 🙂 xxx


  3. Oh wow! I’m sure there weren’t as many good foodie places in the market when I lived in Norwich! I’m back visiting family in a few weeks so I’ll be sure to go for a wander. Thanks for the recommendations!


    1. I’m pretty sure it’s a development of the past few years, seems to be turning into quite a foodie hub so definitely have a little look around, so many new stalls have sprung up! If you end up trying any of these, hope you enjoy 🙂 Thanks for reading xxx


    1. Pahaha, I always end up reading about food when I’m hungry! The brownie was insane, might have to get one today actually…thanks for reading lovely one xxx


  4. Oh my goshhh I bloody love a good foodie post! Whenever I think of vegan food I always wonder if it can be as tasty and as good looking as normal street food but if anything, I think this looks so much nicer! Can’t stop looking at those cauliflower bites though, they look insane!


    1. I know, I do think there is a bit of that impression around the whole vegan thing really, but these were so so delicious and pretty photogenic too so they’re definitely going some way to proving that idea wrong! The cauliflower is ridiculous levels of yum, can’t believe how they can make it taste like that! Thanks for reading gal xxx


  5. Oh my goshhh I bloody love a good foodie post! Whenever I think of vegan food I always wonder if it can be as tasty and as good looking as normal street food but if anything, I think this looks so much nicer! Can’t stop looking at those cauliflower bites though, they look insane!


    1. It was really delicious! Oh my gosh – vegan cinnamon buns?! I don’t think I’ve had a cinnamon bun since being vegan which is sad, so that sounds amazing!


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