Dorothy Perkins floral maxi dress

Let’s catch up: what’s been happening (and what I’ve been wearing) in June

Floral maxi dress outfit

I’m writing this on a train, which is one of my favourite things about trains; you don’t have to be doing anything else because travelling from one place to another is the thing that you’re doing, so you can use the time to catch up on all the things that have fallen by the wayside while others demanded your attention in day to day life. I should take more trains.

There’s no particular topic to today’s post, aside from that of ‘me’, I suppose, which sounds just about as narcissistic as it gets, but I wanted to write free of pressure and I also felt like doing a bit of a catch up. In all of my rambling about other things on here, I rarely do general diary style posts, so I sometimes feel I don’t talk that much about the day to day and how everything’s going. I’m thinking of doing some kind of monthly update/catch up/‘here’s what’s been going on’ if I can think of a suitable name.

Wearing a maxi dress with trainersDorothy Perkins floral maxi dressMaxi dress with trainers

You might have noticed (or maybe you haven’t – I’m not sure whether that would be a positive or negative thing) that I’ve been a bit lax with blog posts of late, taking my two a week efforts down to just one. This has been unintentional and every week I’m convinced I’ll be able to get back to my previous routine, but it’s still not working and I’m trying not to get too panicked by that, because other general life happenings are the reason, rather than me being lazy.

I was ill for the first two weeks of June with some kind of horrible, chesty vibe-killer (that’s the medical diagnosis, honestly) and it kind of knocked me for six, to be honest with you. I kept going to work every day because I’m the kind of annoying person who turns up ill and does the normal stuff while looking rather mournful, but it would drain me completely and I’d be entirely useless in the evenings. It was particularly difficult to shake off too, although I accept that carrying on as usual was probably at least in part responsible for that.

Dorothy Perkins floral maxi dress with trainersDorothy Perkins floral maxi dress

Still, all that remains now is a stubborn cough – and I must say that June has been an oddly busy one. Not with anything big in particular, but just with lots of little things. Work has been quite full on, with a fair few staying late scenarios, but in a way that I’ve quite enjoyed. Life admin has been piling up (don’t even get me started on this), blog stuff has been busy behind the scenes (which is weird considering I’m being so rubbish at writing), and social things have been popping up frequently too.

It doesn’t look set to slow down just yet, but I am having a good time. This week is a big one for us at work and I seem to have a lot of other appointments, drinks, plans and who knows what else in the diary. There are two things missing: firstly, I still haven’t booked any trips, and it’s starting to really bother me. Secondly, I’m missing my exercise routine, which has been severely diminished by illness and everything going on.

Dorothy Perkins floral maxi dressDorothy Perkins floral wrap maxi dress

In other news – here are some outfit photos. I felt like this was an appropriate set for this post purely on the basis that it’s what I’ve been wearing a lot of. This exact outfit specifically I think I’ve worn 3 or 4 times, which is a lot coming from someone who actually doesn’t like to wear the same outfit ever, and will always change the shoes/bag/jewellery so it feels a little different each time. The dress was a gift from the team at Dorothy Perkins – very exciting blog moment for me – along with a couple of other lovely bits which you might have seen on Instagram.

How are you all? Not posting as much has left me feeling very out of the loop, and I’d love to know what June has been like for you. Until next time (which I’m intending on being this week, but we all know how that’s been going) – enjoy the sun x

Dorothy Perkins floral maxi dressDorothy Perkins floral maxi dressDorothy Perkins floral maxi dress


7 thoughts on “Let’s catch up: what’s been happening (and what I’ve been wearing) in June”

  1. I’m feeling so out of the loop at the moment too, just comes from being busy I think! This dress is beaut on you, and I adore the shoes!
    Amy xx


  2. Although it sounds terrible, the name of this disease you had is so cute chesty vibe killer. Am I weird? haha
    btw I really want to experience long train ride for some reason and write my stories a bit… you just reminded me of that 😀
    also, you’re not alone. everybody is worried about not having any trips booked haha and I’m sure you’ll get into your exercise routine soon 😀

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


  3. This dress is so gorgeous, you wear it so well too! I love train rides too, perfect to catch up on things you’ve not had much time for! x

    Han |


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