A reintroduction: 7 things you might not know about me


I realised recently that when I first started being so bold as to write about myself on the internet, I never properly introduced myself. I figured at the time that a post that said ‘hello I am Sophie and I live here and do this’ was probably a post that no one would want to read, so decided I should probably just dive right in with something more purposeful.

While that’s all well and good (although probably not purposeful in the way that I’d hoped), it does mean that I don’t feel I ever really did the whole introductory, here’s-some-stuff-about-me thing. I think I’ve mentioned the basics, like that I live in Norwich, or that I work in marketing, during other posts, and presumably we’ve all gathered by now that I like to reflect on things, use more words than necessary and shop as though all the shops are about to close, but today I thought I would tell you a selection of things about me. A reintroduction, if you will, since this is about a year late now.

I have no idea if or why you would care about any of this, but we all liked it when we tagged each other in the ‘five things about me’ instagram stories, didn’t we, because other human beans are interesting. Here are seven things you might not know about me.

Sophie-7524Untitled design (3)

1) I studied at Queen Mary, University of London and my degree is in English Literature and Drama. In my head the plan was to get that degree and then go to Drama school (I wanted to be an actress), but I actually ended up liking English more. Probably for the best, because trying to be an actress sounds like more rejection than I’m capable of handling. I had the best time living in London and I think frequently about going back to live there for a few more years.

2) I haven’t always worked in Marketing. Previous jobs have included working in a newsagent (selling pornography and cans of monster to old men at 6am), a waitress in an airport cafe (getting shouted at when there were delays because apparently I control the planes) and a pointe shoe fitter at a ballet shop. If anyone is a dancer, get me to fit your pointe shoes, I was really good at that. When I handed in my notice for that job the dance shop owner shouted at me to ‘fuck off then!’ and then tried not to pay me for my notice period. I had to make a claim to an employment tribunal to get the money.

Sophie-7493Sophie-7554 2

3) When I get into a hobby, I get into it. I love it, and I want to be as good as I can be at it, and I’ll put all the time I can into it, sometimes for no apparent reason other than when I enjoy something and start seeing progress, I become kind of fixated. When I started cheerleading at university, for example, I became the captain and then a qualified coach. The qualification has expired now, which is definitely for the best because I assure you I should not be teaching anyone to do a back handspring. When I learnt to dive, I couldn’t just do my PADI open water – I had to do advanced open water immediately afterwards.

4) There is one question that I absolutely dread a new acquaintance asking. It’s so innocuous but it gives me heart palpitations just thinking about it: ‘so, what music are you into?’ (I’ve made that sound like an awkward chat up line or first date question, I know). I’m not sure what it is that makes me fear this question so much, or why it turns me into a rabbit in headlights; maybe I’ve just known one too many music snobs. Come to think of it, all of my ex boyfriends are music snobs. ‘I like everything/lots of things’ is not an acceptable answer, it seems, and it annoys me that people take this to mean that you do not in fact like music at all. Usually I just say that I love S Club 7 (it’s true, but that’s not an exhaustive list) and then walk off to avoid the discomfort of formulating an answer that might be deemed appropriate.

Sophie-7518Sophie-7591 2

5) I work across a really large number of brands at work and use a lot of different marketing channels in campaigns for them depending on what suits the product. It’s rare for me to spend every minute of every day on one brand and channel, but my job once called for me to spend all my working hours (and then some) doing the social media for a pro-Remain paper after the EU referendum. It was the busiest period I’ve ever had at work and also the most exciting/hilarious. I was really passionate about the subject matter so it felt good to be doing something relating to a situation that had made me feel so hopeless, but it mostly involved being called a ‘wank stain’ or being told to ‘chuff off to the continent’ by angry Brexiteers.

6) My favourite film (or three) is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. What can I say, I am a massive middle earth geek and the films feel like a little part of me. They make me nostalgic and excited and I can recite every line. Don’t watch them with me, I’m really annoying, sitting there literally bouncing with anticipation and smiling my face off. Just hearing the soundtrack is actually enough to make me feel somewhat emotional.

7) Speaking of which – I’m a big crier. I will cry at absolutely anything, my overactive tear ducts ready and waiting to do their thing at the slightest sign of heightened emotion in any direction; when something goes wrong at work, when I’m nervous, at sob stories that everyone else rolls their eyes at. Just this evening, for example, I watched Britain’s Got Talent. I cried three times. One of those was at a little boy, and I don’t even like children.

And that’s me. Not all of me, obviously, but I think I overshare enough about my *feelings* in other blog posts, so I guess these are more like the kind of things you might know about me if we knew each other in real life. It’s only fair, in that case, for you to tell me something about yourself too – what’s your favourite film? What are your previous jobs? Hit me up with some facts about yourself, the more unexpected the better x

Sophie-7489Untitled design (4)Sophie-7564

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Photography: Kaye Ford

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18 thoughts on “A reintroduction: 7 things you might not know about me”

  1. Hi, it’s really nice to get to know you a bit! Furthermore, your pictures are simple but they look very beautiful and professional, makes me want to get out my DSLR again. I just visited the Hobbiton Movie Set with my boyfriend and found it very cute, have you been there? I would say my favourite movie is probably “Fantastic Beasts” because it has a really nice story and I love the main character.


  2. I am SO glad that someone else hates the “so what music do you like” question. I generally like everything but as you say that’t not an acceptable answer. I met a guy once and when I decided to then generalise what music I like into one genre (I chose rock) he wanted me to list the entire history of particular rock groups. My ‘problem’ is that I don’t usually like an artist or band i just like a few of their songs from various different albums but that’s apparently frowned upon!!
    Loved this post always really excited to see what you’ve posted!


  3. I love this post, to the point that I laughed out loud on several occasions whilst reading it! Completely relate to the music question! But now I think my answer will always be “s club 7”. I did see them live once and they were amazing so I feel I have a lot to offer on that genre! Haha
    I’ve just got a new job that I start in May in social media marketing so I might have to steal some words of advice from you!
    Things about me- my favourite film is moulin rouge- it’s also the only film I’ve ever fancied Ewan McGregor.
    I also obsess over hobbies- the current and recurring one being dance.
    And I’m so obsessed with magazine that I once started my own and managed a team of people working on it which was mildly successful for about a year and then we all got careers and gave up! 🙂 xx Robyn |


  4. I absolutely cannot abide music snobs! I have to admit to purposefully trying to annoy them by telling them how much I love Backstreet Boys or asking if they watched the X Factor or something else that they are bound to deem ‘utter crap’. I completely get that some music is more skillful than others, but the idea to me that any one person can deem themselves the authority on what classes as ‘good’ drives me nuts. Music was created with one sole purpose – to entertain people and evoke emotions. Let it just be that! If you like it, you like it, and no-one should tell you you’re wrong. I say wear your S Club badge with pride! x


  5. Love this post! Can’t believe how many things are the same about me too! Always fear people asking me about my music taste, I don’t really feel like there’s a particular genre I can niche in to, or a band that I know enough of for it to be a good enough answer. Also, the way you have written about LOTR I feel exactly the same about the Harry Potter films. Shame it’s a bit cliche though. And my tear ducts would give yours a good run for their money in a who can overreact more fight! x


  6. So nice to read more about you, love your writing your personal style. I don’t know if I have a favourite film to be honest but mostly I enjoy action/comedies as I enjoy movies that make me laugh. My previous job was a HR manager for Zara but after 5 years I quit, it was enough for me. And I am crier as well, I get very easily emotional and start crying but after few minutes, I am totally fine haha


  7. I love reading facts about other people, this was very interesting! Wow, you’ve definitely had an interesting mix of jobs that’s for sure haha. When it comes to music, I also like everything. I had no idea that was an unacceptable answer to some people, that’s ridiculous!

    I’m not really a film person but I never get tired of watching The Other Woman so that’s probably my favourite one. Another fact about me that I always share is that I’m terrified of birds, pigeons and seagulls in particular. I find it very embarrassing that I’m scared but it is what it is haha. xx
    Coco Bella Blog


  8. “It’s like in those great stories Mr Frodo, the ones that truly matter… there’s some good in this world and it’s worth crying for.”

    Whoops, freudian slip there – worth FIGHTING for, but just typing those final four words i got tears in my eyes! That’s what LOTR Love will do to you. This one especially jumped out for me, as I just posted a “study playlist” and put “Concerning Hobbits” as the opening song. I admit, i was a bit nervous to post it as i thought “oh god sophie no one will read this, you sound like a geek.” After reading this, I’m like “ALL THINGS BAG END BEAUTIFUL” So thank-you! Clearly great Sophies think alike?

    As ever, i loved reading your words and you truly to have such a relatable way of writing. One of the blogs i always come back to and am so glad i found last year! Your outfit is also so beautiful, i love the top especially. As for the hobbies, i am sat among 20 balls of yarn and this is just the “university collection”, there’s a whole cupboard at home…

    Bumble and Be


  9. Omg okay so I bloody love this post so so much! As for #4 – WOW can I relate! I once was asked what music I liked and I said a bit of everything, then proceeded to be ranted at for 45 minutes because surely I couldn’t listen to EVERYTHING – do I listen to classical music? What about K-pop? Hahahaha he was genuinely the most obnoxious idiot I’ve ever met!

    Sharni |


  10. I loved this post girl; it was so interesting to read about your previous jobs (SO bad that they tried to not pay you; so cheeky!). I’m also a massive Lord of the Rings geek – I remember first watching it when I was younger and loving it from the get go! Personal posts for the win lovely!

    Hayley xo


  11. This was such an interesting post to read through Sophie! I can absolutely understand how you studied English Literature & Drama; you have a fantastic way with words. But oh my gosh, the dance shop owner’s reaction to you leaving was savage – you must have been REALLY good at fitting pointe shoes haha 😉 x


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