Four things I’ve added to my make up bag recently

Urban Decay All Nighter Review

The other day, I popped to Superdrug to buy toothpaste, and as soon as I set foot in the place I remembered I’d also run out of concealer that morning. I’m not really sure what happened between that moment and an hour later when I was running back to work with swatches and creams and potions all over both hands, but I sure did have a large bag of purchases. Two of them were make up, so I thought I’d tell you about them today (I’m sure the others will make their way into a post at some point), as well as a couple of other cruelty-free products I’ve added to my make up bag recently:

Barry M Flawless Concealer review

Barry M Flawless Concealer in Ivory (Shade 1)

I know the last make up post I did also featured concealer, but what can I say – my face needs concealing. No really though, the e.l.f one I used last time wasn’t in stock so I thought I’d try something new again. So far I’m enjoying using this; it smells amazing, is super soft and light, and brightens the eye area well. It’s not high coverage (despite claiming ‘total imperfection cover’) so it’s not managing to completely hide my more problematic spots but does well at covering the smaller ones and any little blemishes. It feels really lovely on the skin – I’d use it just for how cooling and soft it feels to apply actually – and is making my dark circles look a whole lot less horrendous. At £4.49, it’s a great and affordable brightening concealer. Just need to find a good high coverage one that’s cruelty free and vegan now (recommendations anyone?)!

GOSH Foundation Drops review

GOSH Foundation Drops in Ivory (Shade 002)

This is a super light, super silky foundation which the lovely Beth recommended to me as a cruelty-free base that was both good and affordable. I’m really enjoying using it – I don’t like face products that feel heavy and this is so lovely and lightweight on the skin that it feels like you aren’t wearing anything. I apply it with a brush but will probably test with a beauty blender too soon; it’s a very liquid-y (definitely a word) formula that offers medium coverage and has been a perfect addition to my day to day routine.

UD All Nighter review

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray*

I was lucky enough to be given this at a lovely Bloggers event I went to at Debenhams Norwich a few days after my fateful Superdrug trip and was very glad that I didn’t end up picking up the setting spray I’d been looking at on my little spree! My impressions so far (this is the most recent of the four) are very, very good; it’s actually a bit of a miracle worker, as I rarely find my make up lasts from early morning to late evening if I’ve got a busy day but I’ve used this a couple of days in a row now and it really has done. What I most dislike with a setting spray is any kind of heavy or sticky feeling, but there hasn’t been any of that – it applies evenly and feels weightless. I’m looking forward to putting it to the test on any humid evenings in Greece to see how it fares in warmer weather!

GOSH Matte Lips lipstick review

GOSH Liquid Matte Lips in Nougat Fudge 003

This was a complete impulse buy, I did no research and no thinking but I am pretty much obsessed with the colour. It’s quite difficult to describe actually; it’s not what you think of when you think of a wintry shade but it’s definitely got an autumnal vibe. The colour is a browny pink nude, but deeper than that type of shade tends to be; I often find them a bit pale for my liking but this has some real colour to it. The formula stays slightly tacky while its on the lips in that it doesn’t dry completely the way some liquid matte lip products do, but it’s not sticky or uncomfortable to wear. The longevity is good – a few hours on me (and all lipsticks tend to last for less time on me than they would on other people so I would take that as a minimum). It doesn’t bother me to have to reapply once during the day so I can see this becoming a well-used product over the next couple of months!

Have you tried any of these products – what did you think of them? If anyone’s interested in a more thorough review of any of them let me know. As always, I’d love to hear any recommendations of cruelty-free things I need to add to my make up bag next!

(…oh, and I didn’t manage to get the toothpaste so all in all a job well done.)

GOSH Matte Lips liquid lipstick reviewUD All Nighter setting spray reviewGOSH foundation dropsCruelty free make up

*Denotes a product which has been gifted to me; in this instance I received a setting spray from the lovely ladies at Urban Decay in Debenhams Norwich. (Thank you guys!)

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