Rediscovering e.l.f; Beautifully Bare concealer stick and High Definition powder

e.l.f b bare concealer and hd powder review

I remember using e.l.f products while I was at university, and let’s be real; it’s because they were cheap. When I say cheap, I mean like the same price as a VK for a mascara, so you didn’t have to give up one or the other; you could have nice lashes AND get sloshed on sugary alcohol-syrup that looked slightly toxic. This was a while ago now (I graduated 6 years ago, which actually makes me feel slightly nauseous to admit, but there you go), and I’m pretty sure that at the time e.l.f was only available to buy online.

I hadn’t used anything from them since those days, but when I first started transitioning my products to cruelty-free they were one of the brands that kept cropping up, so when they recently became available in my local Superdrug store I picked up a couple of bits to try. I chose them purely based on what I was in need of at the time; powder and concealer. Here are the ones I picked and what I thought;

e.l.f products reviewe.l.f b bare concealer review

Beautifully Bare Lightweight Concealer Stick, £5

In this incredibly-difficult-to-photograph packaging is a great ‘does it all’ concealer; by which I mean it’s a lovely day to day product which covers pretty much all bases. It’s an ideal middle ground if you find a pot concealer too heavy or drying but don’t want something liquid-y. The stick formula is lightweight and comfortable to wear, with medium coverage that is fairly buildable. If you like a really high coverage concealer this probably isn’t the one for you, but it does a good job of hiding dark circles and blemishes – and I really do mean that as my skin has been terrible recently – in a way that isn’t heavy. There’s no clinging to dry skin and it looks very natural.

My favourite thing about this is how easy it is to apply; draw it on, blend, and go. It blends super easily and seamlessly which is a nice change as the last two concealers I tried before this were hard to work into the skin and as someone who is permanently rushing somewhere or other, that’s not for me. I find that this has fairly good staying power – probably 6 hours or so on its own – but it lasts longer over a primer or accompanied by a setting spray or powder. I’ve got this in the lightest shade (Fair/Light) and I’m really happy with it – a perfect minimal effort choice with great results, especially for the price!

e.l.f high definitin powder soft luminence reviewe.l.f high definition powder

High Definition Powder, £7.50

I think I inadvertently stumbled across an e.l.f customer favourite here, as it turns out this is VERY popular despite it being a brand new find for me. I must start by raving about the consistency; it is hands down the most finely milled powder I have ever used in my life. I actually can’t stress enough how fine and soft this is – it applies beautifully (it comes with a puff applicator but I usually use a kabuki brush) and immediately smooths and perfects the skin as well as making my whole face feel softer.

Now, much as ‘super fine and soft’ is great, it does come with a drawback; it is SO MESSY. Or maybe I am so messy. I don’t know, but either way, because the powder is very fine and light, it does have a tendency to go everywhere at the slightest move of the brush or pot – the lid and the sifter are nowhere near deep enough to accommodate the movement of the product, so I think the packaging is quite poorly designed.

Mess and clumsiness aside, a little of this goes a long way and it really extends the lasting power of whatever make up you have on underneath it. Based on other reviews I’ve read I think there are big differences between the different shades of the High Definition powder – it seems like they are meant to do different jobs – so that is probably worth bearing in mind if you were to try it. I have the shade ‘Soft Luminence’; at first I opened it and got a bit worried that I thought I could see a little shimmer in the powder, but what actually happens after a quick blend is a lovely healthy glow (without a hint of glitter!).

It looks like I might need to pick up a couple of other bits by e.l.f! Can anyone recommend any of their other products? And have you tried either of these for yourself?

e.l.f soft luminence powder reviewe.l.f base products for pale skin

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30 thoughts on “Rediscovering e.l.f; Beautifully Bare concealer stick and High Definition powder”

    1. It is a brand that’s well worth giving a go I think, I hadn’t used anything from them since I was a student but have been impressed with these especially for the price! Thanks for reading lady – Happy Friday! xxx


  1. I have used the powder and it is a super messy product, not just you. But it is one of my favorite products from E.L.F.


    1. Haha thank god – I was like ‘why cant i even open this without spilling it?!’ – it is so lovely on the skin though, so I think it’s going to become a favourite of mine too!


    1. I know, it is fantastic when you find an affordable brand that genuinely have very good products isnt it! Oooh, I’ll have to try their bb cream next – thanks 🙂 xxx


    1. I’m loving the powder! If you try just be careful of the mess haha – I can be pretty clumsy sometimes and it took some getting used to not to spill it EVERY time I opened it. I think I might have to try the e.l.f brow pencil from your post! xxx


  2. The concealer skin sounds ideal for covering blemishes without clinging to dry skin! I hope your skin starts behaving for you sometime very soon Sophie – I had a hormonal breakout on my chin a couple of weeks back and went craaaazy with the concealer during that time, haha. Have a lovely weekend!


    1. Oh god, I hope so too. It’s still terrible but I’m hoping now we’re moved in, can start cooking proper meals and living normal adult healthy lives again it might calm down haha. Whenever it happens concealer is an absolute godsend isnt it! Thanks for reading gal xxx


    1. I know, I heard they were going to be but didnt know when and when I popped into Superdrug they had looooads of stuff there! It was a very exciting day haha xxx


  3. I didn’t realise elf is so reasonably priced! I always assumed it was expensive. I’m trying to go cruelty free so I’ll definitely be checking out that concealer – it looks like the coverage would be good.


    1. It is so reasonably priced (not quite as cheap as it once was but still so affordable) – and a fantastic cruelty-free option 🙂 xxx


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