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With the rest of Summer…

Before I say bye to summer

I feel like I’ve been cheated of Summer this year. The weather has been all over the place for one thing, frequently giving us what seems like four seasons in a day, and even when it does stick to one, it seems to be going more for dull and grey than bright and balmy. I’ve had a busy period in my day job and have spent the season frantically looking for somewhere to move, staying with my parents while waiting to move into the place we found, or moving. The result of these factors is this: I have not hit my summer quota of summer things.

I’ve seen a lot of talk on social media about Autumn, which is pretty exciting – I love Autumn (I think it might be my favourite season, although I don’t like to commit myself) and every time I think of it I get a little thrill of anticipation. However, given that it doesn’t even feel like we’ve had summer yet, I don’t feel like I’m quite ready for the next season to be here. Here’s what I want to do before the boots, cosiness and crunchy leaves arrive;

Things to do with the end of summer

Spend more time exploring Norfolk

At the start of the June, I was all ‘I’m going to spend my weekends visiting lovely Norfolk places in the sunshine!’. That didn’t quite go to plan (see first paragraph), but we did get in a couple of little trips, like a beautiful day in Wells, which is where these photos were taken. I don’t shout about it enough, but Norfolk is gorgeous; we have lovely beaches, woodlands, and country parks, as well as the Norfolk broads and plentiful market towns and villages. Given that all of these places are within such easy reach it’s a bit pathetic to have made it out to visit them as infrequently as I have done, so before any semblance of sun truly disappears, I want to day trip to some of my county’s cutest towns and lovely countryside. I have a few places in mind, and the ones we don’t make it to before the end of summer will be Autumn trips instead!

Zara pom pom basket bag

Have more after work drinks in beer gardens

This is something that’s usually a given in summertime, but somehow I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve done it over the last 3 or 4 months. As a British office worker I find this almost offensive, so in the next few weeks I’m going to make a point of drinking in (literally) the last of summer in some of the lovely beer gardens in Norwich. There’s something so cheery and untroubled about leaving the office and heading straight to the garden of a pub, and since I haven’t been doing it all that much this year I know it will feel like a treat. Anyone fancy a pint?

Summer beach dress

Make use of my summer wardrobe

I have too many under-appreciated summer dresses sadly hanging (lol, lying crumpled on the bed) in our spare room at the moment – every time I go to wear one it’s too grey and chilly, or I look at the forecast and it says it will be chucking it down in several hours’ time. Three of them, in fact, are still in the bag with their tags on! A few, like the one I’m wearing here, have seen one single outing since I bought them. Not only does this feel like a massive waste of money (I hate waste) – but I just want to wear my pretty dresses, and that might sound like a really stupid thing to include on here but it’s something that makes me feel good. Expect to see me wearing them come rain or shine for the rest of summer!

What to do before the end of summer

Make our flat a relaxing place to be

Sorting out the house is not exactly your classic summer activity, but like I said, I love Autumn. When Autumn arrives, I want to be totally ready to do the cosy, light-candles-and-eat-comforting-food-in-a-jumper-on-the-sofa thing. At the moment we still have bags and boxes all over the place and there are loads of things we need to pick up or get rid of. You know what does say summer? Throwing open the windows. Refreshing drinks with ice cubes in your own home. The feeling of lightness you get when you get rid of possessions that have been weighing you down. Outdoor car boot sales! The rest of the summer will be for losing the stuff we’ve been hoarding, hopefully making a few pennies to help with buying the stuff we need, and getting our lovely new flat ready to enjoy the homeliness of the colder months.

Wells beach summer

Go on (or book) a holiday

I’m about to sound like a spoilt brat, but anyway; I spent the first six months of 2016 in Asia. I’m sure I don’t need to specify that it was HOT. I then came back in June, had a trip to beautiful and sweltering Madrid, then we had a lovely warm British summer which I seem to remember lasting right up until the end of September. What I’m trying to say is, last year I had all the sun. And this year, I would really like just a week of proper sun. I’d love to get a little sun holiday in (affordable destination recommendations please) during September – or at least book one so I know I’ve got it to look forward to.

Things to do before the end of summer

Find carefree

If there’s a season that you’re supposed to be carefree in, it has to be summer. However, with a surprisingly busy July/start of August at work, a move and trying to get my head around this blogging lark (plus my natural disposition), I’ve definitely been anything but. Despite the fact that we’re still doing moving stuff and I most certainly want to keep up with the blogging thing, I also want to adjust my mindset a bit and try to find that elusive ‘summer feeling’. I’ll be making a conscious effort to relax more, not let things bother me, and shake off the sort of frantic feeling I’ve had recently. I’d love to find carefree, if only just for a day – but I’ll happily take ‘chilled and content’!

What do you want to do with the rest of your summer? Will you be sad to say goodbye to the season?

Zara embroidered smock dressSummer beach outfitBefore summer endsZara blue embroidered smock dressDress – Zara (no longer online but in the sale in store!) | Bag – Zara | Espadrilles – H&M

Photos: Rob Poor

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34 thoughts on “With the rest of Summer…”

    1. I’m so happy that you think that! I obviously do but I might be biased haha. Thanks lovely – I’ve already told Rob we’re going to a beer garden after work tomorrow so I’ll be getting my summer on this weekend I hope xxx


  1. These photos are gorge!! I’m definitely excited for autumn and cosy jumpers but I feel like I haven’t had chance to wear half of the things in my summer wardrobe yet! Certainly in need of a holiday x


    1. Yesss I love a good cosy jumper! But would realllllly like to wear a couple more bits from my summer wardrobe first haha. Hope you get a holiday booked lovely (or just have some time off with – maybe – some sun), thanks for reading xxx


  2. Oooh lady these snaps are so bloomin’ lovely! I absolutely know what you mean gal, I just can’t help missing those ultimate carefree summers when we actually had proper holidays haha! I definitely want to book something, we are actually going to Spain in December, but it ain’t gonna be the hot, chillin’ on the beach kinda holiday… I did go to Thailand for two weeks in Feb, but it feels like a lifetime ago now! I definitely want to get out and about a bit more, make the most of the light evenings and actually head out for a run rather than going to the gym! Immy x


    1. Oh my god I know what you mean about the ultimate carefree summers – being young involved a lot of free time didn’t it! Spain in September sounds like it will be a lovely little break 🙂 And yessss definitely making the most of the light evenings is a must, love a little run outside! xxx


  3. I 100% agree with the making use of your summer wardrobe, I feel like there’s so many lush outfits I’ve literally worn once or twice this year? I went abroad to sooo many places last year too, so not having a holiday in 2017 seems sad. I’m dying to get away!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x


    1. Ahh I’m exactly the same and it’s so annoying – I just want the weather to let me wear some of the things I’ve only worn once! Hope you manage to sneak a little holiday in beaut…at least then you have an excuse to wear the outfits again xxx


  4. I totally agree! I feel like I haven’t had a proper summer yet (as that week of hot weather we had was just not enough). I’m going to be going on holiday to France at the begining of September so hopefully that will satisfy my lack of Summer.
    Elizabeth || Liz Living


    1. One week was really not enough was it, silly weather. France in September is exciting, hope you have a fab time – not long to go now! xxx


  5. God I would love a carefree day for once! You look so gorgeous in these pictures, I love that dress! I need to up my summer game too, I’ve been far too wrapped up in work/blogging/doing up the house that I’ve not spent enough time exploring and day tripping as I’d like and with the weather how it’s been I’ve definitely not made the most of my summer wardrobe!
    Amy xx


    1. Its so easy to get caught up in all the adulty and blogging stuff and before you know it weeks have flown by isn’t it! And seriously about the summer wardrobe, every day I think about wearing this floral tea dress that still has the tags on and every day I put it back again because the weather is so pants. Fingers crossed we get nice weather for the rest of summer xxx


    1. It is a lovely beach, can’t believe I hadnt been there in years! YES gal, get out to some beer gardens – I’m going to do the same tomorrow evening, yay! xxx


  6. When I was growing up in Norfolk I was desperate to get out, all those crazy slow roads that meant it took FOREVER to get out of the county, it felt like we were miles behind the rest of the country. It’s been almost 10 years since I left (WTF!) and when I go home and visit family I truly appreciate what an amazing place Norfolk is. So many beautiful places to explore, especially on the North Norfolk Coast! I’m always saying we should go back more and see some bits we’re yet to see!

    YES BEER GARDENS! Which are your favourite? We used to go to the bar at the Playhouse quite a bit, I love how quirky it is!

    Love your idea of wearing your Summer dresses even if the weather is crap, I need to do this! I’m with you – I spend most my weekends in boring old jeans cos I feel like the weather isn’t good enough for Summer gear – what a waste!

    I feel like we got a few things ticked off our Summer bucket list this year but we haven’t had a picnic (despite getting a gorgeous picnic basket as a wedding present last year!) or been strawberry picking! I should cram as much as I can into the next few weeks!

    Great post x


    1. I know exactly what you mean – when I was growing up here I couldn’t wait to leave, I felt like we were so slow and backwards! It was only after I had lived in London for a bit and then come back a little more mature that I realised what a beautiful county it is. And YES, the North Norfolk coast is so lovely – there are plenty of places there that I’m yet to explore!

      I love the Playhouse! The Georgian Townhouse, The Lamb Inn and The Plough (which is now super close to me yay) are some of my other favourites, have you been to those? Also I’m pleased to say that even though it was raining when I got dressed, I put a dress on today with bare legs – I just had to wear ankle boots instead of sandals haha.

      Strawberry picking! Amazing, that will be so fun – hope you manage to squeeze it in! Thanks for reading gal x


  7. The pictures all look amazing! and I’d agree about using my summer wardrobe a bit more, I have a few pieces that need to be worn more too! Also, I’ve nominated you for the mystery blogger award on my page if you’d like to check it out! xx


    1. Ahh thank you – I wasn’t sure we were going to bother taking outfit snaps but I’m glad we did 🙂 Oh cool, thanks very much, I’ll take a look 🙂 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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