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Is this narcissistic?


This blog post features a series of photos. They are photos of myself, that I got my (very patient and obliging) boyfriend to take of me, wearing some jeans and shoes I like, in front of some garage doors I thought looked cool.

That’s strange, isn’t it? Seeing it written like that, it’s really, really quite a weird thing to do. I’ve only just started blogging, and I feel like I’m so excited to get stuck in and have so many ideas for content I want to create, yet again and again I find myself coming back to a niggling worry; am I a narcissist for wanting to do this?




Although I’m loving having somewhere to create and talk about whatever I want, it’s strange to write blog posts, and constantly use the word ‘I’. Writing about myself for anyone else to read is not something I’ve done before, and repeatedly saying ‘I think’ and ‘I did’ feels self-absorbed and silly.

However, I’m hardly going to omit the word ‘I’ from my writing – if anything, that feels like it might be more self-absorbed. If I don’t make it clear that these are my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings, what am I saying; that everything I’ve written is fact and truth rather than merely the way I see it? That seems like quite a self-assured stance to take.

I’ve seen lots of blogs take the focus on self away and position themselves in a more benevolent framework, hoping to help and inspire others. While that’s great – it truly is a lovely thing to aim for, and if you can help others then by all means do – it’s a somewhat lofty goal that I definitely can’t apply to my own blog; I doubt anyone is going to be too inspired by the ruffle shirt I just bought or what I had for dinner.

Because posting about all that stuff might be a bit narcissistic, right? Why would anyone even care?!

I guess really, the thing is; they don’t have to care. No one has to watch, read or consume anything that anyone else puts out there on the internet. I read, watch and consume other people’s content, because I enjoy doing so. I like to see what someone bought today and the delicious avo on toast someone ate because I’m really nosy, and because maybe I like their style, and because I like looking at photos of food because yum.


With that in mind it seems like this is only something I think about when it’s me doing the writing and the photo taking. I’ve been following blogs for years and to my memory I’ve never sat there going ‘My GOD. This person is absolutely obsessed with themselves.’ – it’s just something I feel nervous that people might think of me, and perhaps that’s because it’s one of the judgements or stereotypes that exist around people who choose to do this.


I typed ‘are bloggers’ into Google and one of the autocomplete options was ‘are bloggers narcissists’. There are, it transpires, reams and reams of articles on the subject and yes, some of the authors of said articles have bloggers as a whole group down as self-obsessed maniacs who will bring on the demise of society (seriously).

Maybe there are some bloggers who are narcissistic, but there are people who don’t blog that are too! Maybe we’re all a bit narcissistic. We live in our own heads after all, and form our ideas and opinions from our own point of view. Why not have your own platform where you can express yourself and create whatever you want to, that’s surely one of the joys of the internet? Most importantly, there’s a big gap between narcissism and confidence or expression; I hope no one thinks I’m suggesting people shouldn’t love or express themselves, because you absolutely should.




Top – Primark | Jeans – Next | Belt – Primark | Shoes – Zara | Rucksack – Primark

I’m going to bring this to a close now, because I’m aware I’ve really rambled for a while without coming to a conclusion, and I’m also not at all sure I’ve expressed this well, but I wanted to put the words on a page so that I could begin to think about them. I’m sure I’ll return to this topic, at some point – but right now it’s time for family time, Easter fun and lots of food!

What are your thoughts on blogging and narcissism? I’d love to hear from anyone – I’ve just read a load of articles telling me I’m a self-obsessed lunatic for wanting to blog, so all opinions are very welcome!


Photos: Rob Poor

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11 thoughts on “Is this narcissistic?”

  1. Loved this post lady – you absolutely have a point and it does feel so weird at first but definitely roll with the punches and you’ll love it! I kind of think that we *are all a little narcissistic in a way, but it’s almost our job to be you know? It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing! P.s LOVE those jeans on you!

    Hayley xo


    1. Thank you so much Hayley! I think you’re right and I’m just getting used to it, it does feel weird at the moment (as I guess lots of things do when you try something new) but enjoying the process a lot anyway. Really good to hear from someone like yourself on this topic, and I agree completely – it doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Maybe next time I post about this it’ll be ‘In defence of Narcissism’ haha. Thanks again for reading and commenting 🙂 xxx


  2. It’s totally not just you that worries that! I have exactly the same concerns all the time, that people will assume I must be self obsessed to post pictures of myself on the Internet, but that isn’t what blogging is about. I post outfit photos because I’m genuinely interested in personal style and like sharing ideas and inspiration with like minded people. Thankfully I’ve only had positive experiences so far in the blogging community though, so try not to worry about it too much – you’ll find the vast majority of people will be nothing but complimentary and you’ll soon find you’re comfortable in your own skin here, in fact sometimes I feel more like myself here than in the real world! xx


    1. Ahh thank you chick, I completely agree and understand what you mean about just genuinely being interested in personal style and liking to share it. Everyone has been so lovely so far 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and commenting xxx


    1. Oh my, thanks so much Sophie! I’ll take your word for it (and thats a relief!), think it’s just something I’m getting used to right now but definitely something I’m going to keep going with 🙂 x


  3. I love this post – it really is an odd concept when you think about it isn’t it? That’s why I try not to think about it too much haha! I think at the end of the day people like people, we’re all a bit nosy and that’s why people like blogs so much. When I first started I kept my blog a secret for ages because I was worried that people would think it was silly and that I was self obsessed! I don’t really care who knows now although I do still feel a bit awkward talking about it with non bloggers! Gorge pictures too btw 🙂
    Amy xx


    1. Thank you Amy! And yeah, really really strange…so I should probably also try not to think about it too much! Love what you said ‘people like people’ – its so true and it’s definitely why I first started reading blogs. I’ve told 4 people so far and I’m in no hurry to go shouting about it to anyone else just yet haha. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 xxx


  4. I worried about this so much before I started and it paralyzed me. I’m not a vain or narcissistic person but I am putting myself out there. I just have a passion or life.


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