Two days in Marseille

A few weeks ago I hopped on a plane to Marseille for a couple of days of girly fun with one of my gal pals. We booked it essentially because it was the cheapest place we could find to go on the dates we were planning so I didn’t really have any expectations for what it would actually be like, but my oh my was it a cracking decision. It was sunny, there were beautiful views aplenty and there was loads to see and do – perfect for a short break.

We stayed two nights and during our time there we walked thousands of steps, laughed a lot, ate delicious things and took copious amounts of photos. Since I have such an abundance of them and there’s only so much instagramming of one trip you can do until one of your friends actually kills you, I thought I’d do a little photo diary on the blog with some of my highlights in photographic form. Here we go:

17836892_10158387556690648_1853329268_oDOING: The things that TripAdvisor told us to do, like good little tourists. This is Mucem, a very cool futuristic building that you can basically walk on top of and through and the whole outside is the sort of webbed effect you can see here. Well worth a wander around even if you don’t go into the actual museum inside it.

17820699_10158387556175648_871260698_oTAKING: Polaroids on my beloved instax…then taking photos of those on my phone because I am awful.

17837616_10158387556330648_182743448_oEATING: Some seriously delicious lemon sorbet. A few minutes after this I spilled some on my clothes like a child (don’t worry, I licked it off).

Exploring Le Panier, Marseille, in gingham dressWEARING: A dress! Without a jacket! Spring hadn’t really graced the UK with its presence at this point and I got very overexcited about being able to crack this adorable little gingham number out.

17838662_10158387556980648_2072540191_oSNAPPING: Every other minute – aside from the obviously stunning port and the must-see sights, there were the cutest scenes to be photographed around every corner!

17837438_10158387556160648_1966956858_oEXPLORING: Le Panier, a history-rich area of lanes, terraced houses and hidden gems; it’s filled with cute buildings, loads of street art, and an oh-so-subtle smell of weed on certain streets. It all adds to the charm, right?

17837408_10158387571045648_35873918_oWATCHING: An endless number of boats on the Vieux Port. It was such a gorgeous place to just sit with a coffee and a pastry and observe.

17837763_10158387557200648_1708700013_oSEEING: The sights – this is Fort St Jean (it’s literally written on the photo so I’m sure you’re aware) from Parc Émile Duclaux.

17837054_10158387557145648_1894716072_oGETTING: Seriously windswept. Marseille is really, really breezy. Still, as you can see I’m having a cracking time anyway.

17838378_10158387556895648_1634029934_oWALKING: Pretty French streets on our way up to Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde. This is pretty much the number one thing to do in Marseille, and the views from the top are incredible, but the walk up itself is lovely too!

17837795_10158387556740648_537467186_oLOOKING: Kind of stupid, as per usual. And also through a telescope.

Food-wise, the places we went to eat that I would recommend would definitely be Le Bistrot L’Horloge for dinner – the menu and the restaurant itself are small but it is absolutely divine – and Maison Geney and Grumpy Cakes, both for lunch and/or cake. We had great lunches at both of them, and they both serve very instagrammable food on very instagrammable trays. I know how these things are important.

Going back over these photos has made me want to book another little weekend away so badly! Does anyone have any recommendations for good minibreak destinations? My main criteria are 1) cheap and 2) photogenic so I’m fairly easy to please, I just like exploring somewhere new!

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10 thoughts on “Two days in Marseille”

    1. We definitely got lucky with the weather! I’ve never been anywhere in Portugal but I just had a little look at some photos of Porto and it looks beautiful, all those colourful buildings! Love it, thanks for the recommendation – and for reading and commenting 🙂 xxx


  1. Haha you’ve got to do the picture of a Polaroid thing, looks too cute not to! Marseilles looks beautiful, it’s not somewhere I would have thought about visiting but it looks like there’s plenty to do and the streets are so cute and pretty!
    Amy xx


    1. It is really gorgeous! I had never thought about going there either…it was just a random decision based on not wanting to spend loads of money and i’m so pleased with how it turned out! Thanks for reading 🙂 xxx


  2. Lovely photos! I love France so much, I went there pretty much every year growing up 🙂 if you ever visit the south-west of England go to St Ives! It’s soo pretty.

    Hannah x


    1. Thanks Hannah! Oh my gosh, I’ve only been to St Ives once but I absolutely LOVED it, it’s so beautiful. Definitely going to have to make sure I take some time to see more of that area, its so far from me in Norfolk but very much worth it 🙂 Thanks for reading xxx


  3. Lovely post Sophie, I love reading on different parts of France seeing as I’ve only visited the capital. You’ve inspired me to perhaps pay a visit to Marseille! Nice shots xx


    1. Thanks so much 🙂 You should definitely go if you get the chance, it’s a beautiful place and one I had never thought about going to before! Really appreciate your comment xxx


  4. Glad you enjoyed the city !
    A tip for a future trip to Marseille : wander on and around the Cours Julien to see even more incredible street art and a bunch of good places to eat. But as you discovered it, the best food spot in Marseille is, in my opinion, Maison Geney 😉


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