Christmas presents Sophar So Good

Signing off for Christmas (to the tune of Driving Home for Christmas…)

Christmas gifts Sophar So Good

The presents are wrapped, the food shop is done, the flat is tidy and looking magical…

Lol jk. The build up to Christmas has been something of a stressful one, as it’s been my busiest time at work in a long time, which coupled with Christmas events and multiple weekends away in a row has left very little time for blogging (which has all been done between the hours of 11pm and 3am) or prep for the big day (which hasn’t been done at all). I am finishing Christmas shopping TODAY guys. The flat is a tip. We still need to pick up the food bits we’re taking to my mum’s tomorrow. The car broke down yesterday so we need to arrange alternative transport for tomorrow and the next few days. THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO.

The end of the year has seen me mostly feeling like I just wanted to get out alive, rather than ending on a strong note. I’m hoping desperately for some chill time this Christmas so it’s not just more of the same going into 2018, and I swear if one more person tries to put another plan or social occasion in my diary before the end of the year I’ll throw a tantrum (or do what I always do and say ‘great, see you there!’).

I had grand intentions to put posts up on 27th, 28th and 29th December, but after a bit of consideration have decided not to. I get easily carried away and often plan to do more than physically possible, then beat myself up for not being able to squeeze it in, so all in all I decided it was better for my sanity to just leave them. I’m also working a bit (both at work and from home) over the festive period when I really wish I could just do nothing, so I’d rather not add anything on to that.

This means that I’ll be skipping a post (I say that as though I stick to a schedule, which I absolutely do not). I’ll be back to posting hopefully on either 31st December or 1st January, and I very much hope to see you there. I can’t thank you enough for visiting my little blog , and I’m excited to hopefully have you along for the ride of overthinking, introspection and self-deprecation in 2018.

And most importantly; Merry Christmas! Make sure you take time to do whatever you need to over this next week or so, whether that’s saying no to things, saying yes to things, eating a packet of mince pies a day or not getting out of your dressing gown for 48 hours. I hope it’s wonderful for you.

And on that note, I’m off to into the madness that is shopping on Christmas eve, because the presents in these photos are actually gifts from Rob to me, and I’d really like to be able to give him something too…

Sophie x

7 thoughts on “Signing off for Christmas (to the tune of Driving Home for Christmas…)”

  1. I hope 2018 proves to be a much more relaxing year for you Sophie! I’m SO impressed you’ve been blogging anytime from 11pm-3am; clearly you do your best work in the early hours of the morning haha. Hope you had a wonderful (stress-free!) Christmas 🙂


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