A European city break wishlist

Sophar So Good Citybreak wishlist

I absolutely love a good city break; they’re such a brilliant way to fit travel around full time work, are always good fun and tend to be relatively affordable since they’re not too long. I’ve been lucky enough to go on some really great ones over the past few years – but there’s always somewhere else to go. It’s often the case that no sooner have I returned from (or arrived at…) my latest destination, I’m adding multiple other places to my ‘to-go’ list.

So, this is a little different for me, but I thought I would put together a little wishlist of sorts. More commonly used for clothes or shoes or make up, I know, but I’d take travel over any of those things, which may seem unexpected for someone who thinks about and buys clothes all the damn time, but there you have it. There’s no way I could put all the places I want to go into one post, so for now I’m sticking with European city breaks. Maybe I’ll do another travel ‘category’ wish list another day, maybe I won’t. Who knows. Here are the city breaks I’d love to get in over the next couple of years;

Paris: I’m about to say something mad; I’ve never been to Paris as an adult. I KNOW. I went twice as a child/teenager, but that doesn’t really count, does it? It’s not that I haven’t wanted to go since, it’s just that I’ve wanted to go to other places more, but recently Paris has been creeping back up my to-go list. Maybe it’s the iconic architecture, maybe it’s the oh-so-chic style, or maybe it’s those damn bloggers instagramming aesthetically pleasing spots, but I need myself a Paris city break and I need one soon.

Krakow: I’ve wanted to go to Krakow for so many years now and 2018 is going to be the year for it, I think. It won’t be my first visit to Poland; I went to Warsaw last year and absolutely loved it. It had such a nice feel to it and was super pretty, and the internet leads me to believe that Poland’s second city is an absolute gem too. I love me an old town, and Krakow’s looks amazing. I want to wander on cobbles, admire Gothic architecture, and, of course, I want to take the chance to visit Auschwitz.

Venice: Get me on a gondola please. I like to be close to water, so with all those canals and bridges, the capital of Italy’s Veneto region looks right up my street. There’s something I find really mysterious and intriguing about the idea of Venice, for no reason that I can put my finger on, and I get the feeling it would totally enchant me. It’s also meant to be pretty romantic, so although Rob seems to have no interest in going whatsoever, I’ll probably try to drag him there anyway.

Tallinn: When we went to Helsinki earlier in the year for a wedding, a few people went over to Tallinn on a day trip and said it was beautiful. We didn’t get time to go, but since then I’ve been looking into Estonia’s capital more and more. I’ve heard it’s one of those special places that’s both peaceful and buzzy at the same time, and I’m so in for that vibe. It also looks so stunning and photogenic – I challenge you to google image search it and not want to go immediately. If that didn’t work, search ‘tallinn old town snow’. YES PLEASE PAL.

Lisbon: I know so many people who have been to Lisbon in the past couple of years and they all seem to have loved it. I have a feeling I would too. I always look for a vantage point when I visit somewhere new, so a city built across seven hills leaves me spoilt for choice in that department, and I’m also a fan of a good tram; the older the better in my book. When I do finally go, just remind me to take spare batteries and memory cards, since I know I’ll take about a million photos of tiles and street art.

There are loads of other European cities I’d love to visit or indeed revisit, but these are the top five from my list that I haven’t yet been to, I think. Fingers crossed I can get to some of them in 2018 and will one day be writing posts about them all!

Where else do I need to add to my city break wishlist? And if you’ve been, what did you think of these destinations?

Sophar So Good European City break wishlist

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22 thoughts on “A European city break wishlist”

  1. Paris is overrated in my opinion. I would add Hamburg, Vienna, Stockholm, Kopenhagen, Milano and Bratislava.


    1. I’ve heard a few people say that about Paris, but it’s so close by and such a popular destination I feel like I just have to go for myself! Been to Stockholm and Kopenhagen, and loved them both 🙂 Was meant to be in Hamburg last weekend but unfortunately had to cancel the trip…still really want to go, same for Vienna and Milan. Not really looked at Bratislava before but I just had a quick browse – it looks beautiful!


    1. Ahhh thanks so much Ashleigh! I absolutely loved both Amsterdam and Helsinki. Also, ME TOO about Budapest (well, I think actually it’s late November when we go but close enough). That would have been top of this list had we not already booked it – cant wait, hope you have a fab time!

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    1. Can’t believe I’ve never been anywhere in Portugal – need to rectify that soon! Tallinn looks so amazing doesn’t it, I don’t hear people mention it a lot but everyone I know who has been has raved about it x


  2. I have also never been to Paris as an adult but went as a child and would love to go back! I think Venice would be amazing too! We have recently returned from Hamburg which is amazing and I would recommend it! You can read about it on my blog 🙂 I would add Barcelona also if you haven’t been there.


  3. I adore Paris, but I haven’t been for about 6 years so I’m definitely craving a return trip myself! I actually haven’t been on masses of city breaks, but I’d definitely add Barcelona to your list if you haven’t been already oooh and also Milan is excellent for a weekend! Also I just googled Tallinn and you’re right, I definitely wanna go!
    Amy xx


  4. Venice is such a magical place, you definitely have to visit – there is nowhere else like it! I spent a day there, but I wished I had at least two days to explore properly. Gondolas are pretty expensive but it’s so worth it for the experience. Ljubljana in Slovenia is really lovely if you are looking for somewhere relaxed, clean and photogenic. Plus, it’s not too far from Lake Bled which is like a scene from a fairytale! x


  5. Paris and Venice are the next two big cities on my bucket list! I just got back from Milan and need to go back to Italy soon, as I am having major pasta/ pizza/ gelato withdrawal. They both seem to be such romantic cities ❤


  6. Love this post Sophie! When you go to Paris I recommend staying in Montmarte, it’s so cute and very quirky! You will love Lisbon too – I stayed in the Alfama district which I loved – it’s full of small, windy cobbled streets where no vehicles are around!

    I’d love to see more of Italy, it’s one of my favourite countries! Florence is high on my list as well as Venice!

    Hannah |


  7. I love this post. I have my list of places to go to as well.
    I loved Paris, and I was only there for a weekend. It was amazing seeing all those spots I’d only ever dreamed of seeing. Venice was spectacular too!


  8. Love this!! I went to Paris last year just before Christmas and it was amazing! I know a lot of people think it’s overrated, but it’s one of those places you kind of have to visit at least once isn’t it and there’s so many iconic sights to see, its wonderful. Venice and Krakow are definitely two topping my list at the moment too! X


  9. Being Finnish myself, I don’t agree with the Helsinki hype. Like, it’s a pretty town, but you should visit Tampere or Porvoo old town next time! Oh! And Rovaniemi in Christmas! There is an actual Santa Claus Village! But Tallinn, I agree with that. It’s such a pretty city. The old town there is just so beautiful! It’s not a long trip from Finland, so it’s easy to take a day trip to there.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner


  10. Gdansk is a must visit (perhaps in summer though). It is a great city for walking and everything is insanely cheap! I went with my boyfriend recently and the flights were £20 return and £15pn for accommodation. The food and restaurants are also such high quality and very inexpensive.

    Berlin is also another hidden (ok perhaps not so hidden) gem. The vibe is like London but with the volume turned down slightly. Again, also a cheap destination.

    Enjoy your travels! 🙂


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